It’s OK To Be A ‘Nasty Woman’ Sometimes, Dear Woman! Don’t Apologize…

We expect women to be always ‘nice’ and smiling, and ‘good’ daughters, wives, mothers,… but what about her? She is human, and has just as much as a right as others to just be… herself!

You don’t have to be always alright
Sometimes, it is okay to not be nice
For being honest about what you feel
Dear woman, don’t apologize

You don’t have to do it all
Everything you don’t have to supervise
For getting that me-time to relax
Dear woman, don’t apologize

You don’t have to be superwoman
Not always you need to aim for the skies
For wanting to stay grounded
Dear woman, don’t apologize

It is fine if something gets missed
You don’t have to be up at sunrise
For a few minutes of extra sleep
Dear woman, don’t apologize

It is okay to ask questions
You don’t have to read every one’s eyes
For not having the psychic powers
Dear woman, don’t apologize

Take time out for yourself
To read, write, create or exercise
For having to put yourself first
Dear woman, don’t apologize

Wear what you want, do as you please
Don’t fall prey to the rolling eyes
For wanting to be yourself
Dear woman, don’t apologize

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You are more than enough
Don’t let them reduce you to a size
For having a unique body
Dear woman, don’t apologize

You are not the weaker sex
For nothing you have to compromise
For not being a man
Dear woman, don’t apologize.

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: a still from the movie Naam Shabana

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