Body Shaming Of Women – Does Size Really Matter? [Poem]

Posted: March 13, 2016
Body shaming of women is everywhere – too fat, too thin, too curvy, too flat! What does a woman’s body really have to do with the woman she is?
Talk all you want about my body
It does not matter to me
I’m more than all of you put together
And yet only my size you can see
Who defined the perfect body
To look like a fragile hour glass
I do not want to comply to this
This body shaming, I shall pass
I am happy the way I am
I have curves, here and there
Cellulite and stretch marks appear too
I love them, why do you care
Small, medium, large or bigger
It is just a label after all
Why desperately try to fit in
Instead choose comfort and stand tall
People will continue to laugh
Like their body, their minds are thin
Pay no heed to them
Carrying some extra weight is not a sin
What matters is how healthy you are
Your stats have nothing to do with it
Take care of yourself the way you want to
Do not worry, as long as you’re fit
Ignore the vanity and march ahead
Paint your life with your own color chart
Size sometimes does matter
Only when it comes to the heart
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