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The Blue Bar
Murder. It All Began With That Midnight Colored Saree, Thick With Dark Blue Sequins…!

All women, all disfigured in a similar manner. The only seeming connection between them besides the M.O are faded blue sequins found near their shallow graves.

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Man Sewing Wife’s Genitals To ‘Test’ Fidelity Shows How Regressive We Still Are!

Man from UP recently sewed his wife's genitals with an aluminium thread to test fidelity. Will there be an end to such heinous acts on women?

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From Bollywood To Real Life, Why Are Revenge Crimes Still So Rampant?

A man in Hyderabad attacked a woman for sending him to jail for harassing her. Women really aren't safe anywhere, are they?

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Things Have Actually Regressed Since The ’90s; Where’s This Vikas We’re Talking About?

Instead of making progress in the safety of citizens and development of resources and infrastructure, we seems to have actually moved backwards. Is this the Vikas we were looking forward to?

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Sushmita Sen’s Aarya Is A Badass Single Mother In A Male Dominated Crime World
Aarya series

Sushmita Sen’s Aarya series is a little slow-paced as a crime thriller, but will leave you awestruck with Sen's single mother Aarya. 

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After Manu Sharma’s Release On ‘Good Behaviour’, Why Does It Feel Like ‘No One Killed Jessica’?

Remember the Jessica Lal murder case of 1999? The main accused, Manu Sharma is being released on the basis of 'good behavior.' How is this justice?

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