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Manisha Sahoo

Clumsy. Awkward. Straight-forward. A writer, in progress. A pencil sketch artist by hobby. IG: @leesplash

Voice of Manisha Sahoo

Maddy And I, Friends Who Busted The Myth ‘A Boy And A Girl Can Never Be Just Friends’

Of course, we never got a chance to make any of those ridiculous claims into reality, being two states away now, and instead fell into the easy habit of catching up with each other every now and then.

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Shameless by Taslima Nasreen
Taslima Nasreen: People Will Try To Shame You But Be Shameless And Live Your Life

What if you could interact with the protagonist of a story you have written, one that has unresolved issues? Shameless by Taslima Nasreen attempts to do just that.

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It Would Not Leave… That Thing That Buzzed In Her Brain, Waiting To Strike

She was very scared. It felt as though it could get worse any day now, as though the previous times had been a walk in the park like the one she and Twyla took today.

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Surviving Code Blue

“Are you okay?” she began, her searching eyes backing up her cautious tone. “Was this your first ...?” She paused and did not continue with the keyword here – death.

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Her Passion… Dormant No More!

Those were foolish dreams. What good can come from leaving a monthly paying job to pursue something so irrationally unstable?

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Where Fears Crash And Drown Me

The string of nerves stretched very thin very quickly and she knew she could not function if it kept on. Her phobia needed to be treated.

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Sarojini's Mother review
Which One Of The Two Was Her Real Birth Mother?

Kunal Basu's Sarojini's Mother looks at the search for a birth mother by an adoptee, a literal puzzle that needs to be solved.

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To Be A Boy Because My Sister Wanted A Brother…

By the time they got her out and calmed her down, Bela murmured in low tones how devastated she was that she could not be Sora’s brother anymore.

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Those Schoolgirl Days Of Telling Tales, And Sweet And Sour Memories…

One of those stunts had led to them being late to school, and the four of them – her sister, their two friends and she – had been made to kneel outside the principal’s office with their hands raised for two hours straight.

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The Illusion Of Joy

She could not love the “little bundle of joy”. All it did was remind her of that awful night, the pain, the cursed pain. And blood. She bled again to let this little thing breath. She had to bear the pain again for it.

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