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Will The Avenging Red Witch Be There?

The men who held down the hand of a five year old and burnt her hand have been destroyed, at least in my mind.

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Narrow Religious Beliefs Are So Last Century; Month Of Shravan Brings This Topic Up Again

We forget the highest religion of humanity when we discriminate and are violent against our fellow human beings based on our narrow religious beliefs!

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Article 15 Makes You Question Your Privilege – And If You ‘Feel Hurt’ You’re Part Of The Problem

"If you don't know your caste growing up, you're probably upper caste," says the author of this thought-provoking musing on the movie Article 15.

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Article 15 Joins A Long Line Of ‘Upper Caste Saviour’ Movies. Disappointing?
Article 15 movie review

Article 15 is an essential movie dealing with some hard issues of caste and gender. Here's nuanced review by a Dalit woman writer that questions some of these.

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My Parents Broke My Heart; They Are Just As Caste Obsessed As Anyone Else…

My parents always said I could tell them if I wanted to marry someone, and would stand by me... but when the time came to do so, these turned out to be empty promises.

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Article 15 Trailer Promises A Hard-Hitting Film On Caste & Gender Violence In India
Article 15 trailer

The trailer of new movie 'Article 15' based on the real events of gender and caste based violence in Badaun promises to tell the story of Dalit women's experiences in India.

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