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The Recent Suicide Of A Woman Doctor Shows Why Reservations Are Essential For True Equality

The caste system has oppressed for centuries, and still does, as in the case of a recent suicide by a lady doctor in which casteist harassment has been alleged as a cause. 

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My Response To Yashica’s Call To Come Out As Dalit And To Embrace My Dalitness
Yashica Dutt Coming out as Dalit

Coming Out As Dalit, as the title suggests, is a memoir of a young Dalit woman Yashica Dutt, who documents her experience of being systematically forced to hide her Dalit identity to get somewhere in the world.

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Caste Matters A Whole Lot, As This Shocking Honour-Killing Incident In Educated Kerala Reveals!

The recent case of honour-killing that took place in Kerala, shook us as it is the second such case in the state which highlights that honour- killing is not confined to North India as many think. 

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