Natasha Sharma

Natasha Sharma is a freelance software developer who moonlights as a writer. She has been a voracious consumer of the written word since her childhood and is never without a book (or a Kindle) by her side. A true blue feminist, she is passionate about creating awareness of gender inequality and other social issues. At the same time, her work displays a characteristic streak of cleverness and wit. Her stories have been published in several online magazines like eShe, Reading Frame, Thinking Pen, eFictionProject, and Penmancy, amongst others. Her op-ed pieces and other articles can be found on leading web portals such as MoneyControl, SheThePeople, and Women’sWeb. Last year, her winning story was featured in the eShe and Embassy Books join venture, a paperback, Everything Changed After That. She has finished penning her first full-length novel and is seeking to publish it while working on her second one. Natasha lives in Pune with her husband and daughter, and their furry friend, a Labrador Retriever by the name of Biscuit. She can be reached at her social media handles: Blog: Twitter: @natsharma Instagram: @natashahsharma

Voice of Natasha Sharma

Oh, Tarnation! Or Why We Need More Gender Neutral Swear Words

When did we progress from using body parts as generic swear words to use them to single out and demean women, specific castes, or anyone who is not 'manly' enough?

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Stars from the Borderless Sea
Stars From The Borderless Sea Is A Beautiful Portrayal Of A Search For Love By 3 Different Women

The women in Stars from the Borderless Sea have a spine of steel, determination, and an insane urge to keep moving despite whatever life throws at them.

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As An Outdoors Girl She Had Done It All; And Then She Got Married

After years of sleep-walking, Sannati finally felt awake. Alive. As if she had left the confines of her prison behind her. Somewhere below her. She lost all concept of time. She was hooked.

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Whose Fault Was It When The Faultlines Had Already Been Drawn By Caste?

"He said he and Bhushanam had developed feelings for each other. Bhushanam swung both ways and while he remained attached to me, he continued his affair with Dev.”

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obstetric violence
An Invisible Epidemic Of Obstetric Violence Is Stripping Indian Women Of Their Dignity In Childbirth

Obstetric violence, both physical and verbal, is taken for granted in Indian hospitals, but is an assault on human rights & dignity.

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