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Why Is There Such A Dearth Of Female Quizzers In India?

There is a serious dearth of female quizzers in India and it's not because of a dearth of talent, it's because of the subtle sexism that runs in the society.

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6 Ways To Energize Yourself Everyday: Specially For The Mothers Who Have To Multitask Each Day

Here a mother of two gives 6 ways to energize yourself daily. Especially for mothers who are supposed to be everywhere.

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Fighting Cancer: Part I

A post by an author who met the cancer demon face-to-face. The words here explain her struggle, strength and hope. A story of her fighting cancer.

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Different, Not Sick : What You Should Know About Asexuality

As a part of Asexuality Awareness Week (26th October to 1st November 2014), this article is an effort to raise awareness about asexuality, and dispel the common myths associated with it.

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Women Don’t Negotiate Salary: Truth Or Myth?

Women do negotiate for salary in some cases, when it is clear that they will not be penalised for negotiating. Are we ready to close the gender gap on wages?

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Grey’s Anarchy : No Longer Terrified Of Ageing

Women are repeatedly reminded of what old age will do to their beauty. Don't fear ageing; letting your greys run wild is liberating, says this post.

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