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I have been working in financial services for about 7 years and have recently moved to Hong Kong from India and am enjoying my expat stint. I am now enjoying writing about anything and everything, getting to know the "new me".

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Check Out These Great Uses Of The Rice Water You Throw Away As A Home Remedy

There are so many regular kitchen ingredients that can be used as simple home remedies for wellness and beauty. Check out how simple rice water can be used.

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2 Super Easy To Make DIY Lip Scrubs

It is winter, and dry skin and chapped lips are driving you crazy! Here are 2 super easy recipes for DIY lip scrubs!

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The Different Ways In Which Coconut Oil Can Be Used For A Healthier You

Coconuts and coconut oil is often perceived as bad for your health except for use on the hair. But do you know the many benefits of coconut oil for a healthier you?

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6 Ways To Energize Yourself Everyday: Specially For The Mothers Who Have To Multitask Each Day

Here a mother of two gives 6 ways to energize yourself daily. Especially for mothers who are supposed to be everywhere.

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8 Magical Benefits Of Walnuts

There are a lot of health benefits of Walnuts. Here we discuss 8 magical benefits and ways to introduce them in everyday life.

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How To Find Inner Strength

Our lives are rarely fairy tales. For the tough days, here's a roadmap on how to find inner strength.

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Dealing With Postpartum Depression: What I Learnt

Dealing with postpartum depression is difficult in a country that puts so much pressure on its mothers. Seek help, and don't be afraid, says this post.

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10 Easy Tips To Ensure Healthy Air Inside Your Home

We cannot do much about the degrading air quality outside our homes, but these 10 easy tips will help you ensure better air quality inside your house!

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5 Simple Attitude Adjustments To Make Your Life Easier!

We are often our worst critics, judging ourselves too harshly and damaging our confidence. Here are 5 attitudes to adopt for a healthier frame of mind!

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Add honey to diet
5 Simple Ways To Add Honey To Your Diet

These 5 simple ways to add honey to your diet will help you get more of this wonder food into your daily routine.

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Can ‘Earthing’ Help You Lead A Healthier Life?

A balance between indoors and outdoors is essential for a healthy life. Here's an interesting concept -Earthing - that could change the way you approach health!

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Why have a baby
Would You Want To Be A Child Of Today?

Each generation has its benefits and flaws. This insightful post wonders - Would you want to be a child of today's generation?

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Five Fantastic Ways To Drink More Water!

Who says water has to be plain and boring? Here are five unique ways to make water more interesting - and to drink more water!

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Little Ones, Mighty Lessons : What Our Children Teach Us

One of the greatest joys of parenting is learning beautiful things with, about, and from your child. Here is a delightful list of the life lessons children teach us!

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Don’t Forget Yourself, Live A Little!

In the everyday bustle of being a wife, daughter, mother, sister - we often forget ourselves. Here is a poignant reminder to stay true to yourself, and to live a little.

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