Little Ones, Mighty Lessons : What Our Children Teach Us

One of the greatest joys of parenting is learning beautiful things with, about, and from your child. Here is a delightful list of the life lessons children teach us!

One of the greatest joys of parenting is learning beautiful things with, about, and from your child. Here is a delightful list of the life lessons children teach us!

Children are like sponges they say; the younger they are, the more keener they are to learn. Have you ever thought about what us adults can learn from them? We as parents/adults tend to be the ‘serious’ ones – always trying to be in control, taking care of everything, making ends meet  etc.

There is so much that we tend to leave unnoticed in the ‘hurry ups of our lives. But the little ones are the more focused ones, who are capable of enjoying ‘the present, and there is so much that one needs to learn from them!

Stop, watch, and observe

Kids can be very keen observers at times; they can judge if something is out of place (or if they are missing a toy!) very quickly. We are so very busy in our lives that we don’t really take notice, and tend to miss out on the things that matter. Stop and take notice!  Try watching a bird—we miss such precious creations in our busy lives.

Smile more, laugh more

It takes away all your worries – even if the laugh is a mimicked one. All kids love fake laughter – they start with it and when they see you smile, the fake laughter turns to a real one—so it makes sense to make someone else happy; as it transforms into your own happiness.

Play in the sand

We went to a beach today and all we did was make sand castles – it is the biggest stress buster.

A warm greeting melts everyone

Know the warm greeting that awaits you when you open the front door after a hard day at work? Try giving that to someone, and watch them melt in front of you.

Ask and you shall receive

When a child falls, or is hurt, the first thing she would ask for is a hug (mine does, so I know). Try asking for help when you need it. A tight hug may not solve big issues but can help you to not lose hope.

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Small things, big happiness

My little one is happy when she sits on the countertop in the kitchen and helps her daddy make an egg. Finding happiness in small things is an art which the little ones can teach you so easily; happiness is a journey and small things matter so much.

Live outside the box

Creativity is the biggest talent that most children have – their fantasy worlds, their made up games, their play-dates with their friends are all wonderful examples. We, as adults, stop using our heads creatively as we grow (most of us do). Dreams can become a reality – all it takes is a little creativity.

I am sure there are so many more things that one can learn from children that we, as adults, should inculcate in our lives. But the most important thing is that everyone has a child inside them (at all times), and using its wisdom when required, should not be shied away from!

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