6 Ways To Energize Yourself Everyday: Specially For The Mothers Who Have To Multitask Each Day

Here a mother of two gives 6 ways to energize yourself daily. Especially for mothers who are supposed to be everywhere.

Here a mother of two gives 6 ways to energize yourself daily. Especially for mothers who are supposed to be everywhere. 

So, being a mommy to a 6-year-old and almost an 8-month-old has its own challenges. The never-ending sleepless nights with the little one are still going on and the ever demanding activities and outings of my first born are so taxing at times. Even though it drains me out completely but believe me, when I say that I don’t want it any other way. The kids need all the stimulation they can get to learn and we as adults have to find our ways to keep up with them and keep that energy beaming at all times.

There have been days lately when I would be so tired and would want to sleep and never wake up. A sheer walk to the park or a trip to the grocery store would drain me out and I was so easily fatigued. It called for some drastic lifestyle changes and yes, they seem to be finally working now. This post is majorly about my experience and how I’ve been able to keep my body going thanks to some natural and easy changes. Here, I list a couple of important ones.

Having breakfast at the same time every morning

I know it sounds cliched but when I say ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, I really mean it! Of course, all you good people already know that and I am not telling you anything new but having your breakfast at the same time every morning gives you a jump start on those energy levels to keep you going for the day. As they say, a right start is what really matters and that’s what a healthy breakfast gives to your body. Don’t be a breakfast skipper and try some carbohydrates and fiber rich breakfast options for more alertness, I generally do that by adding some roughage rich fruits like an apple or a pear and maybe by a slice of brown bread to my breakfast.

Drink water and more water

All the wise people hydrate themselves quite a bit every morning, which is the best thing that you can do as your body loses a lot of water while you sleep, but that is not enough. If you want to keep fatigue at bay you need to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. For people like me who can’t drink too much water (just can’t keep having that tasteless thing throughout day— I need flavour!), try adding lemon or other fruits to your water. Water by the way of green/herbal tea can also be very beneficial for health.

Have caffeine late in the day

A lot of people cannot start their day without a cuppa full of caffeine in the morning. But the trick I’ve learnt through this process is, save that cuppa for late in the day when you are actually feeling tired and sleepy. Caffeine helps by blocking the sleep generating chemical, so save that 1/2 or 1 cup of caffeine or it’s equivalent when you actually need to be energised. A coffee date with my lil girl or a friend generally does that for me.


Yes, that’s the last thing on your mind when you are tired. And with a new born howling for attention, it’s even harder for you to think about it, let alone do some crunches. I used to get scared of the vision of me doing some abs exercises with the littile one tied on my back (where did that idea come from?? well, I saw some pictures online of a couple of mothers doing that in a health centre near me— wonder how it works? To me it gives only a couple of chuckles… hehehe…). But yeah a walk with the little bunny in his stroller, works wonders for me for the time being and who doesn’t like some fresh air when the going gets tough!

Unwind before bed

This is the hardest bit, and I am still trying to work around it. If you ask the hubby, he’ll say I am a cell phone addict. But in my defence when you are nursing a baby all night long, you need a friend to pass time with right! Don’t get any ideas I am just saying, it’s easier to read the news, check social media when you are sitting down to nurse for 30 minutes every two hours at night. But unwinding gives you better sleep and I say it from experience. As the nights are getting better (thanks to the lil one growing up), the night I put my phone down and meditate or listen to music for 10 minutes before sleep, I get a much better slumber.

Energy boosting foods

A couple of natural stuff added to your diet can give those energy levels some jolt as well. Say no to that can of ‘Red-Bull’ and try almonds and dark chocolate as they work wonders for a quick energy boost. For  constant energy supply try adding some honey, citrus fruits and high protein foods like yogurt, salmon, eggs etc to your every day diet.
 I am chirpier and happier by making these changes to my day to day life and feel more energetic to take on the world (Yes, that is both the kids for the time being). Hope this will be of some use to you energy finders. Have a good and a healthy day!
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