Can ‘Earthing’ Help You Lead A Healthier Life?

A balance between indoors and outdoors is essential for a healthy life. Here's an interesting concept -Earthing - that could change the way you approach health!

A balance between the indoors and outdoors is essential for a healthy life. Here’s an interesting concept -Earthing – that could change the way you approach your health!

I am not from a Science background at all, but I am very keen on making healthy living a part of my life. I got hold of this article a couple of days ago, and thought of sharing this concept with all of you. And believe me, it’s the simplest thing that I have come across, and is no rocket science.

I am sure all of you must have noticed that when you spend too much of your time indoors and confined to your house (or some place) and do not move out for a couple of days, your body starts giving in – you start feeling too lazy, you feel a bit off, and sick. On the other hand, you are most relaxed when you are taking a walk barefoot, digging your toes in sand on a beach near salty water (well, I most certainly am in love with beaches!).

Have you ever thought why? Well, if you want to know my view, I usually thought it was just psychological; my mind was resting and being happy more at the beach rather than back home (with multiple chores, work issues, child tantrums etc- I have a long list, I am sure you do too). But then I got into reading this concept called ‘Earthing’ (or ‘Grounding’).

It’s a very simple, and a relatively new concept. Earthing basically means connecting to the Earth’s electrical energy and promoting your physical well-being. The theory believes if your body is deficient in electrons, it will not effectively combat illness. Being directly in touch with ‘mother earth’ provides you with healing electrons, having a slightly negative charge and help you to equalize to the same electrical energy as earth.

 In common language, earthing helps you to charge yourself against diseases (a few) and lead a more healthy life. I somehow feel it is more of a technical concept than a medical one, but does make sense (and answers some questions!).

Grounding or Earthing can be achieved by some of the following:

– Walking barefoot on grass

– Walking barefoot on sand

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– Swimming (water is a great conductor, and swimming in sea water is absolutely the best)

– Dangling your feet in water/sea water

– Technology is also there to help and you can now find grounding mats, sheets, pads and patches at many places as well as online (of course!).

Earthing can be beneficial in:

– Reducing inflammation, by reducing all the excess positive electrons in our bodies

– Reducing pain

– Improving sleep

– Lowering stress

– Improving blood pressure

– Slowing down the ageing process

– Improving tolerance to cold

And many more benefits!

Though this concept is in its infancy stage, to a commoner like me it makes quite some sense. When you look back to the times before all the industrialisation, our forefathers were so much in touch with mother nature: they used to till soil, walk barefoot, sleep on the ground, and they were healthy and so active.

We on the other hand, live in tall buildings, sleep on high beds, walk in high heels and eat plastic wrapped food; we love to live in a garden or a sea view home but hardly have the time (or should I say use our time) to walk in that garden or take a dip in that sea; which can benefit us in such a big way. But yes, we do make time when there is no way to skip a doctor’s appointment, and when there is no way out!

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Pic credit: Warzauwynn (Used under a CC license)


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