5 Simple Attitude Adjustments To Make Your Life Easier!

We are often our worst critics, judging ourselves too harshly and damaging our confidence. Here are 5 attitudes to adopt for a healthier frame of mind!

We are often our worst critics, judging ourselves too harshly and damaging our confidence. Here are 5 attitudes to adopt for a healthier frame of mind!

This topic is very close to my heart, and I have been meaning to write about this for a long time. I have been meaning to find ways of how to make gray, depressing, bad days into more manageable and  happier ones, and also find out ways and promises that would help me lead a better life!

There are a couple of tricks that I have been trying out for sometime, and they seem to be working a bit. It’s not easy to have control on all your days and what you do, but it is important to get a hold of yourself on such days so that they don’t feel that tough, and you don’t make a cycle out of them. As they say— ‘self-pity and negative self assessment come naturally to human beings” (Well, that’s my own quote, don’t take it too seriously!)

Here are five tricks that I have been trying out:

1) Appreciate when life is good

It is very easy to be down and have all the Monday or winter blues. But have you ever stopped and appreciated life? I saw a rainbow when I woke up today, and it was such a beautiful sight and start to the day. Well, this doesn’t happen everyday, and there are many times when you wake up to a broken toaster, or no milk in the fridge, or on a super-stressed out day when a presentation has to be made in front of the board. But being grateful for all the good things and times in spite of all the negativity can help you heal from inside and have a better day, if not a better life!

2) Be kind to yourself

There is research showing that self-acceptance is key to a better life. When it comes to you being treated with respect, it is of utmost importance that you treat yourself with brilliant standards. And these standards in turn qualify how people are going to treat you. Give yourself  an A grade in your own report card and others shall follow soon.

3) Smile more

Try smiling a little more everyday, and also try to smile at one stranger every day, and look how warm that makes you inside. Smiling is such a simple thing that can so easily uplift that bad mood, make you feel more connected, and help you make your days brighter.

4) Do the things that you like

Try to fit in the things that you love to do in your to-do list of the day, especially on the days when you are feeling gray and low. It might just be a small thing-  like a pedicure or buying a nail colour that you really wanted or a quick trip to the gym or just having a scoop of your favourite ice cream. All of this can make the rough day easier for you. And in the end, what are you living for? All that hard work and tough grind should lead to something good, right?

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5) Try your best

All this is easier said than done, especially when rough times hit you, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Making yourself feel better is not an easy task, and the more you fail, means the more you are trying. Don’t give up! Make each day a happy day!

I see judgemental people around all the time, and by saying that I am being judgemental myself! Having my own pretences is one thing I have been meaning to take out of my life, and by this I don’t mean that I am criticizing people all the time, but this means I want to work on observing people and observing myself, and being ‘okay’ with that. More than for anybody else, I think we are our own worst critics, and are really hard on ourselves. Such negative thoughts take away our confidence and degrade our abilities. So, be kinder to yourself.

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