Aindrila Chaudhuri

An engineer. Has worked in the IT industry for a while and then decided to move to the social sector. Interested in feminist and sex positive ideas/praxis. In all, wants to live a life that makes her,and the people around her, happy!

Voice of Aindrila Chaudhuri

women and mental health
Women And Mental Health: Why Gender Matters

Have you ever considered that mental health can be a gendered issue? Looking at women and mental health problems' impact.

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new year resolutions for women
New Year Resolutions For Women That Are Truly Empowering

New Year Resolutions for women can be an important part of loving yourself fully, rather than just living up to societal expectations.

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Dealing With Nasty Comments Online: What You Can Do!

Every woman who shares her work on the internet knows how dealing with nasty comments online feels. Here are some ways to make your online experience less painful!

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Different, Not Sick : What You Should Know About Asexuality

As a part of Asexuality Awareness Week (26th October to 1st November 2014), this article is an effort to raise awareness about asexuality, and dispel the common myths associated with it.

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Is Mob Justice The Right Course Of Action?

Vigilante justice at the hands of mobs may be reinforcing regressive patriarchal ideas, and we must be cautious, says this post.

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Women And Technology : Held Back By Patriarchy?

Why is technology still a male domain? This article takes a look at how patriarchy may be holding women back from using technology and pursuing related careers.

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Women As People: Not Just Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Or Wives!

Do we see women as people, and not just mothers, daughters, sisters, or wives? This article explains the need to see women as individuals with their own rights.

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How to break the glass ceiling
Society, Orgs, Individuals: All 3 Together Can Break The Glass Ceiling

While strategies such as Lean In focus on individuals, the glass ceiling breaks only when society, organizations AND individual women come together.

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Love yourself
The Path To Self Love:The Feminist Way!

What does feminism have to do with loving yourself? Learn more about the path to self love

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