I am a stay at home Mom of 2.5 year old twin fraternal daughters, living in Poland currently with my husband and kids. I am very passionate about painting and traveling. I am a level more than a bathroom singer and a sustainable cook. Writing happened to me in Sept 2017 while coping up my father's' demise. It gives me peace and contention when I pour my heart out in my articles. Though I am an extrovert still believe in vibe game strongly and have no scope for duality in life. My dream is to get time to read books again.

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Every Mom Will Wish She Had Written This Letter To Her Babies Just Starting School

This mom writes a beautiful letter to her 2.5 year old twin girls starting school, filled with empowering insights that will be a guiding star to the little ones as they grow up into fine, confident women.

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She Hated That She Had To Choose One – Her Dad Or Her Kids’ Dad

A daughter recounts (in the 3rd person) her experience of leaving behind her parents - an ill father - to go overseas with her husband, and the pain she still carries within as it was the last goodbye.

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Love Doesn’t Disappear After Having Kids; The Way It Is Expressed Could Change

I have often seen new parents complaining about their lives after entering parenthood. But do you really think love vanishes once you join the parenting club?

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Wish Heaven Was A Phone Call Away, Papa

Losing someone we hold very dear to our hearts can be very tough. Letting go of someone mentally - can be like climbing the Everest all in itself.

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8 Memorable Keepsake Ideas For Your Kids

Looking to create beautiful memories with your children? Check out these beautiful keepsake ideas for your kids.

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Letter Of Gratitude To My Hero, My Father-In-Law!

Papa, it has been 10 years, I am a part of 'our' family but I never openly expressed my love and gratitude for you and as its Father’s day, I felt no other occasion could be more apt to share my feelings.

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All I Want Is A Day Off, This Mother’s Day!

Yeah, you heard it right. This is all I want this Mother's Day; a day off from round-the-clock motherhood duties, a break from this programmed life. 

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Yes, I Am Beautifully Brown, And Proud Of It!

Being dark skinned, brown skinned, wheatish, etc. are considered the biggest negative in an Indian woman. This was all nonsense, as I discovered for myself.

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What’s Your Individual Contribution To Stopping Rapes And Other Crimes Against Women?

Amidst all our outrage about the recent crimes against women and girls, is it time to look inward and see what our individual contribution against misogyny is?

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emergency situation
A Toddler’s Alertness Saved Her Mom. How Can You Prepare Your Kids For Similar Emergencies?

It is important that we teach our kids what to do in emergency situations. Kids are smarter that we think, and some effort on parents' part can even save a life.

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