Wish Heaven Was A Phone Call Away, Papa

Losing someone we hold very dear to our hearts can be very tough. Letting go of someone mentally - can be like climbing the Everest all in itself.

Losing someone we hold very dear to our hearts can be very tough. Letting go of them physically can be done in a matter of hours but letting go of someone mentally – trying to detach yourselves from all the moments, the thoughts and memories – can be like climbing the Everest all in itself.


Wish Heaven had a phone call

I will ask God

Why He took you away

And why between us, there is a wall

I will ask Him to make me talk to you once

Don’t know when I will hear your voice again

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Will I be able to speak up or not

I fear if you still remember me or forgot

It will rip me apart if you don’t recognize me

But I know I’m always in your heart and you can never hurt me

You will call my name, you will cry

Helpless me, just wish I could fly

My name on your lips will take all my pain away

How I wish I could hug you straight away

I will fight with you for leaving us alone

No excuses no reasons

The only thing we want is

Please come back home

Home is not the same without you

Every wall, every corner calls only you

The garden looks for those hands

Who used to touch its grass and sit on the land

We promise we won’t feed you again, those oats

And all your favourite delicacies will be on your plate

I will tell you your ‘little one’s’ mischiefs

Sharing it with you will give me some relief

You will cherish to know how naughty they are

They hear your stories through us

Watch your videos, wipe my tears

But wonder where you are

Sometimes they look up in the sky and smile

Then I know you were here all this while

Showering your blessings on us

As I know you also miss us

Every night I try to find you in the stars

But I can’t find you in the Moon or even Mars

They are only bright and light

But you are our hearts’ delight

I will tell you how much we miss you

You went away, so so far

No one can take us there

Tell me if there is any wonder plane, shuttle or car?

I will apologize to you for hurting you

For those injections and pills I gave you

For all the times I didn’t listen to you

And most of all, for not being able to save you

I will tell you, how much guilt I’m living in

I write, I laugh, I travel just to forget everything

But back home, it’s still the same

Every single thought takes me to the flash trail

Left only are the triggers of unforgettable memories

And a hope to meet you in my dreams

We miss your laughter, your humor

Your love, your aura, your simplicity, your care

Pray you live happily and healthy now whenever you are

I will ask you, if now you are at peace

Hope no more doctors and no more drips

I will ask you if you miss us

Or have your new friends replaced us

I will tell the angels what you love to eat

So that now you get some delicious feast

I will ask you to protect us from above

We always need your guidance and love

Wish Heaven had a phone call

I would have never let you hang up the call…

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