Letter Of Gratitude To My Hero, My Father-In-Law!

Papa, it has been 10 years, I am a part of 'our' family but I never openly expressed my love and gratitude for you and as its Father’s day, I felt no other occasion could be more apt to share my feelings.

Papa, it has been 10 years, I am a part of ‘our’ family but I never openly expressed my love and gratitude for you and as its Father’s day, I felt no other occasion could be more apt to share my feelings.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you are my real Hero. I have never seen a braveheart like you. Your determination and positivity never cease to amaze me and I wonder despite of facing so many odds and challenges in life, 3 major accidents, losing a leg to one, 2 major robberies when you lost all your hard earned money and other possessions, still you are always optimistic and full of life. You were never dependent on anyone for anything but chose to stand up again and not just continued your job but also supported Mamma (mother-in-law) in running the house and raising 4 kids so amazingly. I hate and stop if anyone calls you “disabled” but that is what does not defines you. In fact, you are even more capable than many of us. Your spirit and energy is infectious and you are truly an inspiration for all of us, our Superhero!

The second thing for which I have immense respect for you is the relationship you share with Mamma. You always stood like a rock with her and supported her in every situation of life. I always strive to share the same bond with your son as I want to grow old the way you and Mamma have travelled your journey so far. As your son is the mirror image of you and equally strong willed, I hope my wish would come true.

Papa, I’m proud to grow as a very strong person under your continuous guidance. 10 years back when I met you for the first time, I was an immature girl crying on the smallest of failures. Your words gave me strength, your support gave me the courage to do what I thought was undoable. Whenever I felt weak, you stood as a rock and inspired me to get up again and face the challenges. Whenever I lost calm, you were there to pacify me and see, today here I am, standing tall as a strong girl who still cries but doesn’t fear failures. When I lost my father 2 years back, you promised me to be with me and never let me feel the vacuum in life. You kept your words.

I absolutely love the bond you share with your grand daughters, they are equally fond of their Bade Papa, as they call you. I am glad your blood runs in them, which I am sure will make them the bravest and your wisdom will make them the wisest. They will also learn from your experiences and understand life is not always rosy and they have to create their own happiness even in adverse situations.

But, one thing I love the most is our ‘Khatta-Meetha’ (sweet and sour) relationship. Like any other girl, I also had fears about dealing with in-laws when I got married but how heartwarmingly you welcomed me home and made me comfortable, vanished all my doubts and insecurities. The way you always treat me as your child is so endearing and I feel so blessed to have you as my father-in-law. You have always pampered me which makes you the man of substance Papa. You always take care of my likes and dislikes and make sure my favourite food is served to me whenever we meet. You accepted my flaws, forgave me endless times for my silliest and biggest mistakes, appreciated even my smallest efforts and always encouraged me to chase my dreams, be it studying further or traveling out of town for professional commitments or pursuing my painting. I always had your back in every decision I took. And now, I don’t remember even when you became just a father from father-in-law.

Papa, we are miles away and I am unable to call you daily but I miss our talks, your repeated tales of your friends and old times, all of which l remember by heart now, our silly fights, playing riddles, old photographs, my computer lessons to you and so much more. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You are the pillar of our family and our life revolves around you. We love you and respect you what you are. We wish you a happy, healthy and long life. Once again Happy Fathers day Pa.

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