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Ranjish hi Sahi
Ranjish Hi Sahi: Mahesh Bhatt’s Predictable Tale Of A Narcissistic, Deceitful, Not-So-Wronged Man!

Ranjish hi Sahi again draws from the pain of a woman who has been dead for over 15 years, and is relentlessly crucified in the guise of commemorating a love - a love that reeks of nothing but deceit.

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Dear Mrs Funnybones, Pyjamas Are Forgiving, But Readers Cannot Forgive Poor Writing!

Twinkle Khanna's first two books were truly funny, but her third book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving disappoints big time.

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Sanya’s Sandhya Giri Taught Us That True Grief Is Honest, Hitting In Unexpected Ways

Sanya Malhotra slips into the character of Sandhya like second skin, essaying it with beautiful precision, the love, the pain, the grief, the courage.

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Neflix series Firefly Lane
Netflix Series FireFly Lane Based On Kristin Hannah’s Book Is A Tribute To Women’s Friendships

A good series about women's friendships, I recommend Netflix series Firefly Lane, based on Kristin Hannah's book of the same name.

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Criminal Justice 2
Criminal Justice 2 Is A Social Commentary On Marital Violence; Not Just A Murder Mystery

Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors is more than a murder mystery; a social commentary on how men sometimes use 'marriage' as a license for inflicting atrocities upon their wives.

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It’s Not That Simple Shows Us Once Again, That ‘Women Can’t Be Their Best Selves Without A Man’!

Swara Bhasker's 'It's Not That Simple' is all but a sorry excuse of a series that fails at trying to show a woman's journey within herself.

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Mirzapur 2
Mirzapur 2 Is A Revenge Story of Women Wronged, Not Just Mindless Bloodshed

Mirzapur 2 is not all gore and bloodshed. It is also a story of women wronged, rising from the ashes to vanquish men who think women can be tamed.

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short film Burning
Short Film Burning: How 2 Very Different Women May Bond Over Insensitive, Patriarchal Traditions

Short film Burning shows how patriarchy overshadows caste and class, but can cause its survivors to bond over its similarities.

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Will Naina’s Fiance Be The Wind Beneath Her Wings?

Naina supported Aviral in his career. But will Aviral support Naina, at the onset of their marriage, when her dream career is in her reach?

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Anita Hassanandani’s ‘Late’ Pregnancy Is An Open Invitation For Unwanted Advice

Anita Hassanandani's pregnancy announcement is proof that 'well-wishers' see late pregnancy as an opening to give unsolicited advice!

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The Blue Helmet
Why Does The Elderly Woman Living Alone In This Short Film Wear A Blue Helmet All Day?

Made by upcoming woman director Mohanjeet Kalsi, the award winning short film The Blue Helmet raises important questions about road safety. 

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The Forest of Enchantments
Does Ram Deserve Sita’s Love As An Inconsiderate Husband While Being A Good King?

Sita's voice comes across in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's The Forest of Enchantments, and asks - Sita's love for Ram was all encompassing, so why did she come only second for him?

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Enola Holmes Is The Story Of A Strong Feminist Woman Who Isn’t Overshadowed By Her Famous Elder Brother

Enola Holmes is not your run of the mill story. With lovely performances, it is a nuanced take on a feminist unafraid woman.

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She Was His, Wasn’t She? After All, Didn’t All The Films He Loved Show That?

In an eerily soft voice, he looked her straight in the eyes and said, “You are mine. You just want me to pursue you. I have seen enough Bollywood movies to know that is what a girl wants."

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Haven’t Yet Watched Panga? Here’s Why This Woman’s Story Is A Must

A refreshing take on a woman's quest for self-mastery infused with generous doses of humour, Panga is a must watch!

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pain during periods
Zomato’s Leave Policy For Pain During Periods Shows How To Be Sensitive To Employee Needs

Women are still shamed for wanting rest for pain during periods; so Zomato declaring menstrual leave for women and trans employees, and others who menstruate is a step forward.

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