Tanushree Desai

I am Tanu – I am a Light Worker – A Certified Spiritual Coach, Usui Reiki Master & a Past Life Regression Therapist. I love to write and can spend an incessant amount of time in nature. I practice intersectional veganism, minimalism, and occasionally escape into the world of books. I Blog At Www.Footinstincts.Com You Can Follow My Adventures On Facebook And Instagram - @footinstincts

Voice of Tanushree Desai

Things The World Wanted Me To Be And Things I Chose To Become Instead…

Both men and women are all born with a prescription, handed over to us much before we even know if that’s what we want to do... 

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Who Am I Without You? An Open Letter From The ‘Mother Language’

A letter from the Mother Language making you realise the importance of Mother tongue in the current times.

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Life in Times of Corona: I am Learning to Learn Anew…

Be in the Here and the Now,Worry Less, Expect Less,Think Less, Plan Less,Observe More, Live More.

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Go On A Fascinating Adventure Or Stay Tethered To The Shore – Change Will Inevitably Move You

What do you do when you know exactly how a story would turn out in the end? Either you choose to respond to your awareness of the truth or leave it to chance. 

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9 Things We Can Do For Our ‘Stay-At-Home-Parent’ Partners (a.k.a ‘Constant Naggers’)

Stay at home parents - usually the moms - do not have an 'easy life'. Respecting each other and the work they do, whether in or outside the home, is essential to create a truly happy family.

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Letter To My Younger Self: Do Not Give In, You Are Made To Stand Out

For a young woman who feels 'different' from everyone else around her, life can be difficult. Here is a warm hug of a letter from your older self.

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76 Point Something: A New Mom Shares Her Vegan Weight Loss Journey

As a new mom to be, the weighing scale gave this author a shock. Here's her personal story of finding fitness and weight loss in her own, healthy way. 

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travel with kids
5 Easy Travel Hacks For Aspiring Travellers And Young Parents

Bitten by wanderlust and need to travel with a young child? Here’s what you can do to travel in comfort and get to see and do things you want to. “We all deserve a little wanderlust” — Anonymous Yes, we all deserve wanderlust. Don’t let your apprehensions hold you back. On that note, I would want to share our learnings on the […]

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Start Planning For Your Summer Trip To Europe NOW, With This Info On Halstatt, Austria

On a trip with her family in Austria, Tanushree Desai happened upon Halstatt, a jewel hidden in the Austrian Alps. Here is her personal account.

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My Journey From Infertility To A Motherhood Where We Wanted To Do Things Our Way

Tanushree Desai writes about how she's rather parent her own way with her husband, after unexpectedly becoming a mom following a long infertility treatment.

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