Life in Times of Corona: I am Learning to Learn Anew…

Be in the Here and the Now,Worry Less, Expect Less,Think Less, Plan Less,Observe More, Live More.

I am learning to learn anew

I am Learning to …

Imagine the Unimaginable,

Do the Undoable,

Look beyond the Obvious,

Adapt to the New Normal,

Settle in the Unsettling,

Feel safe in the Unsafe,

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Slowdown on the Outside,

Pace up Inside,

Stare at the Bare Streets,

Speak with Gestures and Sweet Nothings,

Embrace the Silences,

Be content in Stillness,

Talk with More Intention,

Listen with More Attention,

Connect with a long lost Friend

Blow the dust off lost Memories,

Untrap from the mesh of Space and Time,

Be in the Here and the Now,

Worry Less, Expect Less,

Think Less, Plan Less,

Observe More, Live More,

Laugh More, Feel More,

Do More, Be More,

Consume Less, Create More,

Figure out new Possibilities,

Find out new Ways,

Understand we all are One,

Feel the unwavering Compassion,

Understand how my existence can Matter,

Live not just for myself but for Others,

Empathise with other Beings,

Pray to ease their Suffering,

Be Kind and Gentle,

Love and Give,

Travel Deeper Within,

Trust the Process of Becoming.

And you ? How are you learning from these times ?

24th March, the hustle and bustle in the world’s second largest country came to a stand still. No one would have ever imagined that, a day would come in their lives, when they would be forced to stay put, stay home, slow down, just be. And when something in motion is brought to an abrupt halt, it would have a jarring effect. It can make one feel different on different days. We may be excited we may be sad. May be all at once. May be in equal measures. But after experiencing the jolts that finally put us at ease and the days start to settle in, we have deep realisations because now we have time, we have the quiet. This is what we always had longed for when we were busy making the ends meet and running the errands. Now we are still doing it, but looking at life more closely than ever. Make a journal of everything that you feel today. The stories that you would want to share. The learnings that are laying the foundation of your new life, your new tomorrow.

Create and Share.

Waiting to hear from you, about you, in these times when all we need is to listen to our own selves and others.


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I am Tanu – I am a Light Worker – A Certified Spiritual Coach, Usui Reiki Master & a Past Life Regression Therapist. I love to write and can spend an incessant amount of time in nature. read more...

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