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Love, Life & Loss – 8 Great Tips To Deal With Breakups

Breakups, divorces, the end of a relationship can be tough...you may want to hurt your ex, but that doesn't help. Here are some tips instead to help you deal with break-ups. 

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An Open Letter To My Ex: I Hope You Get What You Left Me For

It doesn't matter who knows and who doesn't - a break up is a break up. When you're 30, and you have spent enough time making yourself compatible to someone's lifestyle and choices, it's harder to undo that and make yourself raw again.

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My 30 Years Of Trying To Be A Good Daughter-In-Law

The idea of 'you'll get married sometime, and there is some house which is yours' that our girls are fed while growing up can lead to almost comically tragic circumstances. Read one such personal account.

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Let Your Child Breathe: A Teacher’s Fervent Plea

In the quest to enable children to have a 'bright future', are we instead turning them into machines geared to follow a set of instructions?

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Why The Hero Of The X-Men Movie Logan Is Actually A Woman!

Laura in Logan emerges as the kickass superhero, holding her own in the midst of seasoned older actors.

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I Have Sex With My Husband, So That He Remains Engaged In The Relationship

Sex in a marriage should be something mutually enjoyable that both want, not something traded for financial and physical security.

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Sita’s Agnipariksha Will Continue To Plague Future Generations Unless Sense Reigns

Sita's agnipariksha proves that the trend of blaming women for atrocities committed against them by men is ancient. Women still bear the burden of this. Is it fair?

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Oh Yes, I Am A BAD Girl! So?

If more girls owned up to not being the 'good girl' that they seem to be, things would become easier for future generations. Much like women claiming public spaces making them safer.

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Why Do Women Lack Self-Respect?

Why do women lack self-respect? With all due respect to women who are doing this, it doesn’t look to me like an act of compromise, but of cowardice.

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Does Women Empowerment Reach Girls From The Slums In India?

Women empowerment is great but for girls from the slums in India, it is still a pipe dream.

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My Apology Letter For Failing to Be The Ideal Bahu/Beti In Our Society

Who is the ideal Indian woman, the ideal bah/beti? This post rips apart the standards Indian women are still held to.

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Woman At Work: Do You Wonder How I Got That Promotion?

Being a woman at work has its own challenges; from perceptions to promotions, and assumptions to acceptance. This post questions some myths that exist.

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How Many Things Do Women Need To Do To Feel Safe?

Women walk on the streets, they travel, take cabs and they work - at home and office. But do women feel safe? Shouldn't women feel safe?

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Why Do Women Always Put Themselves Through A Life Full Of Discomfort?

Do we do things for the sake of it? Why do women always put themselves through a life full of discomfort? Isn't it easier to be simple and comfortable?

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Spot The Wrong Guy : Toxic Relationships You Don’t Deserve

How to identify toxic relationships where one partner makes the other feel inferior or 'grateful' for their love.

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