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The Girl Who Wanted To Grow Up To Become A Pilot, Now Temporarily Impure…

I was lost for words and a bit ashamed that instead of greeting or talking to her I was taking stock of her room. What was she doing in this junk-room? Was she here for some chore or was it really her room?

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the invisible woman
The Invisible Woman [#ShortStory]

I look closely at this woman. She’s small, reed thin, and clad in a worn-out but neat and clean saree. Her ill-fitting sandals appear much bigger than her tiny feet.

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Harnaam Kaur
Why The Bearded Beauty Harnaam Kaur Became An Anti-Bullying And Body Positivity Advocate

Harnaam Kaur was bullied for having excess body hair as a child, which was due to PCOS. However, she rose above it and today advocates body positivity.

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Come Ladies, Let’s Smash Patriarchy In 4 Key Practical Ways!

Patriarchy is at the root of many social ills, and as detrimental to men as to women. We need to smash patriarchy by challenging it in practical ways.

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healthy lunchbox
The Healthy Lunchbox Timetable Set For Kids By Schools: Boon Or Bane For Moms?

Many schools enforce healthy lunchbox timetables to promote healthy eating, placing more strain on mothers who remain the primary parent in most families.

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Everyone Needs To Read These 10 Things You Must NEVER Say To A Stay At Home Mom!

A stay at home mom does nothing much and has an easy life, right? Wrong! Better look up these things you must never say to a stay at home mom.

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The Blame Is On You, Girl! So, Stop Existing!

This poem takes a look at the myriad things a girl is blamed for; often, simply for existing. A powerful read.

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Theresa Kachindamoto Refuses To Allow ‘Tradition’ To Promote Child Marriages

Here's the inspiring story of Theresa Kachindamoto from Malawi, who is fighting the custom of marrying girls off at a very early age.

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parenting choices
Moms, Let’s Stop Judging Each Other For Our Parenting Choices!

Every mother is different, yet the same in her love for her children, and usually does the best she can. It's time we stop judging others' parenting choices.

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real boys don't cry
“Real Boys Don’t Cry!” Teaching Kids Stereotypes Even As We Try To Comfort Them

We might mean well when we try to comfort a crying child saying boys don't cry. But do we stop and think what far reaching damage we do unintentionally?

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A Woman Employee – The Recruitment Criteria In Two Conversations

It often doesn't matter what credentials a woman employee has in a sexist society - looks are all that matter. To get chosen or rejected in the interview.

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‘Pink’ Is Great, But It Can’t Undo the Damage Done by Bollywood Movies to Our Psyche

While Pink proposes ideas of Consent unfamiliar to many in India, can it erase the legacy of the many horrible Bollywood movies that promote stalking?

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