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The Blame Is On You, Girl! So, Stop Existing!

Posted: January 12, 2017

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This poem takes a look at the myriad things a girl is blamed for; often, simply for existing. A powerful read.

Dear girl,

You were groped, but the blame is on you!

You were taking the public transport to your college. But you had a bust and a butt. How seductive! Your fellow passenger was tempted to squeeze them. So the blame is on you.

You were molested, but the blame is on you!

You were wearing inappropriate attire; doesn’t matter what it was – short skirt, pants, saree, burkha, it just provoked your molester. So the blame is on you.

You were raped, but the blame is on you!

You were drunk, hence under the influence of ‘Western culture’. How disgraceful! The man under the influence of sacred ‘Indian culture’ had the right to violate you; you were tipsy-turvy. So the blame is on you.

Your dupatta was pulled by those youngsters on the street near your house, but the blame is on you!

First of all, you were out in broad daylight, and second, your dupatta was flowing freely. Such flamboyance is uncalled for. So the blame is on you.

A group of men tore your clothes off, manhandled you and bashed up your boyfriend. But the blame is on you!

You were out in the dark and accompanied by a male friend. How immoral! How appalling! So the blame is on you.

Acid was thrown in your face by a jilted lover. But the blame is on you!

You had such a pretty face, and you talked freely to men. What an easy woman you were! And then you had the guts to say ‘No’ to one of your admirers. The blame is on you, girl.

The blame is on you and you alone!

Because boys will be boys,

and not all men are rapists.

You were clearly at fault, each time, every time.

You were simply asking for it!

Cover yourself from head to toe; don’t show half-an-inch of your skin. Oh wait, how will you hide your feminine silhouette? Well, just stop stepping out in daylight, or in the dark. Stop drinking or getting influenced by ‘Western culture’. You want to have fun? Don’t even think of it. Stay within the confines of your four walls.

Or simply stop breathing. Stop existing.

Just stop!


A victim blamer

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