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Saumya Baijal, is a writer in both English and Hindi. Her stories, poems and articles have been published on, India Cultural Forum, The Silhouette Magazine, Feminism in India, Drunk Monkeys, Writer’s Asylum, Women's Web among several others. She is also a recipient of the Orangle Flower Awards, for hindi writing. Her writings reflect her personal & political thought processes, and question existing ideas of set definitions. She trains in Kathak, co-runs her street theatre group, Aatish, and is an Advertising Professional with over 10 years of experience working across the largest worldwide advertising networks. An avid film lover, she writes on cinema. She has been a guest lecturer at Lady Irwin College and has been invited by Jamia Millia Islamia & Central Insitute of Education for talks & lectures around Gender, cinema and popular culture. She enjoys reading, lecturing, decoding fashion and developing her personal style & signature on everything she attempts. A film snob, you can find her in closeted in her home, watching Guru Dutt’s films, again and again and again, and, again.

Voice of Saumya Baijal

4 Strong Women From The Charles Dickens Classic Great Expectations

What is captivating in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, and Ms. Havisham’s beautifully layered, complex character- is vulnerability.

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This Lockdown Forced Me To Think Deeply Of Grief, And How Isolation Works On The Mind

Use this forced isolation to think. Think about purpose, joy, happiness. Think about why you feel the way you do. Allow yourself to feel, be. Allow yourself to exist.

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We Walk at Midnight
A Walk At Midnight, Eve Of Independence Day – To Reclaim Our Right To Delhi Streets

A group of women 'We Walk at Midnight' participated in a walking relay on the eve of this Independence Day, which was also the patriarchal festival of Rakshabandhan. It was an eyeopener.

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When Women Marched Across 131 Places In India This Week: Creating History One More Time

On 4th April, women across the country marched - against institutionalised patriarchy, against disparity in wages, against casteist culture and against the forces that power these.

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Here’s A Safe Place Where I Go To Meet Like-Minded People And Voice My Thoughts

Women and minorities are speaking up more and more on social media. But want an offline place to do so? Poetry Darbaar is an initiative that helps you to.

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Badhaai Ho Makes Us Think Of What We Teach Men And Does It With Humour Too

The new movie Badhaai Ho wins people's heart with its humorous approach towards important issues. It is critical and equally fun at the same time.  

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Dear Men Who Doubt #MeToo 

Women often become victims of sexual harassment on streets, workplaces and even in their own homes. Now finally with #MeToo when they are speaking about their pain, many men are not ready to believe them.  

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Sui Dhaaga’s ‘Mamata’: Not Just A Sacrificial Wife But An Equal Partner And A Delight To Watch

With a well-fleshed, strong character like Mamata in Sui Dhaaga, mainstream Hindi cinema is giving us more roles where women have an equal part to play.

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The Tales Of Raksha And Bandhan: It’s Time To Tell Them Afresh!

Rakshabandhan as a festival, is one we need to question and reinvent to fit our times, rather than carry on with outdates notions of women needing 'protection' says Saumya. Read on!

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The Two-Headed Lore, A New Play In Gurgaon Explores Gender In Creative Ways

Looking for something interesting to do this weekend in Gurgaon? Take a look at The Two-Headed Lore, a new play that promises to expand your understanding of gender identity.

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Waiting. A Call Out To My Ex. With ‘Love’

A woman waiting for her lover to see her, recognise her, come to her. And now, waiting for the lover-turned-ex. Why? 

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What Women’s Day Means To Me! Hint: Nothing That Is Pink Or Packaged

Women's Day, today, has come to mean shopping discounts for 'feminine' products and the exchange of cringe-worthy messages on social media. 

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Tumhari Sulu
Tumhari Sulu: Deliciously Innocent, Beautifully Textured

You often come across unassuming things that astonish and delight you as you experience them, discover them. Suresh Triveni’s sure, poised, delicate and human debut, Tumhari Sulu is one of these.

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Secret Superstar: A Little Formulaic But All Too Real

In a stifling environment, how does a teenaged girl learn to dream? Advait Chandan’s assured debut, Secret Superstar walks us through this journey.

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The Women In Blue Did More Than Play A Game; They Batted Patriarchy

The Indian women in blue did us proud at the recent Women's Cricket World Cup. And they did it against incredible odds.

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The Imperfect, Everyday Magic JK Rowling Brought Alive For Me

The world of Harry Potter is too well-known to need introduction, but here is an especially loving tribute to JK Rowling.

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Two Ls & Two Rs: Lipstick Under My Burkha Is A Must Watch

Women swallow their dreams and are forced to forget their very names - Lipstick Under My Burkha portrays all of this unflinchingly. Go watch!

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