Here’s A Safe Place Where I Go To Meet Like-Minded People And Voice My Thoughts

Women and minorities are speaking up more and more on social media. But want an offline place to do so? Poetry Darbaar is an initiative that helps you to.

Women and minorities are speaking up more and more on social media. But want an offline place to do so? Poetry Darbaar is an initiative that helps you to.

Women are rising, speaking up, articulating their thoughts each day in different ways. Social media becomes a distinct space to do so. Women are steadily becoming more and more confident, defiant and articulate, something we need everyday.

With this, what’s also happening, is the return of the written and the spoken word. And the need for a democratic space that encourages both men and women to come, articulate and explore.

Poetry Darbaar, a lovely, democratic initiative by Indrajit Ghoshal, provides just that environment. A flexible, traveling Darbaar, that invites poets from all walks of life, all genders, all ages, all themes, all languages and encourages you to showcase your craft to enthusiasts and poets, bond, listen and feel.

With increasingly shrinking democratic spaces, Poetry Darbaars are refreshing, where there are no registration fees, nothing that costs you anything to come showcase your work.

What I have loved most in these Darbaars, witnessing and performing there, is the sheer number of women, making beautifully personal and political voices heard. They speak of freedoms, of desires, of stifled hopes. They speak of romance, of joy, of a better tomorrow. One of my most favorite sights at the Darbaars I have had the joy of attending, was a lady over 70 years old, with a walking difficulty, enthusiastically presenting her work in front of poets.

I have seen men speak of their vulnerabilities in poetry. In an age of toxic masculinity, these articulations are both refreshing and much needed. There are times when content is not entirely in sync with progressive thoughts. But we still need spaces where these are articulated and allows peers to have conversations around them. Sometimes just listening to different work and perspectives, makes us think and think again about who we are, and what we believe.

We need such democratic spaces, that encourage thought. And introspection.

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“I think Poetry Darbaar is a great platform for voices that want to make a difference and reach more people. This is a safe space for artists. Some of my best memories of performing are with PD!” Seep Agrawal, Student, Sri Venkateshwara College, North Delhi.

The venues are a mix of cafes, multi-purpose spaces, that are hoping to steer away from elitist conversations around poetry. What spaces like these also do is to encourage conversations after. These are always close to Metro stations, to ensure ease and accessibility for all. Poets exchange thoughts, critique, and congratulate each other’s work if they like. Yet none of which is mandatory. It puts you at incredible ease, allowing you to celebrate your own voice, your ability to write, and other’s most difficult ability to find- to listen.

It is a space where no one is threatened. It invites mistakes, invites brilliance, and invites confidences. So in your next weekend afternoon when you can, and you know of a Poetry Darbaar happening, please attend. And feel this simplicity for yourself.

Image source: Poetry Darbaar

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