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Waiting. A Call Out To My Ex. With ‘Love’

Posted: April 12, 2018

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A woman waiting for her lover to see her, recognise her, come to her. And now, waiting for the lover-turned-ex. Why? 

I waited.
For hours and days and years my love.
I writhed in wait. I wallowed in wait.
I lay naked. Bare and raw. And I waited.

I waited for you to consume me.
Flesh on flesh, bone on bone.
I waited for you to come claim my mind
Provoke it, play with it, unleash it.

I waited for you to pull me away
With your staggering strength
I waited for you to fill me up
With love and love and love

I waited for you to excite my mind
To build me memories I’d hold dear
When death would come knocking at my door,
I wish for them to live forever

I waited for you to stimulate me
To enter me, my soul, my heart, my mind
To make me yours, and be unbridled and mine.

I waited for you to solve my riddle,
To un-layer it, un-peel it, fathom it
Pore by pore, skin by skin
I waited and waited and waited my love
For you to want me and want me again.

I waited for you to see me,
See me. Read me,
I waited for you to tell me
That I was not what you wanted.

I waited and waited and waited my love,
Because I wanted to hear you say it.
And then I would’ve told you my love,
That I was me, complete and whole.

That it was actually you who waited.
For me to kiss you awake.
It was me who unleashed you,
Now laying naked and awake.

Because it was me, my love
The power you couldn’t see.
Because it was me my love,
The being you couldn’t be.
Wait for eternity my love
When sorrow will wait with its head down
It will consume you the way I thought you’d me
And your wait will then be home.

I will wait and wait and wait my love
For that day to come
When you will see what you lost
When you’d see what I’d become.

I will wait and wait and wait my love
Like I waited for everything else
I will wait for your destruction my love
Like I’ve waited for nothing else.

Image source: pexels

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Saumya Baijal, is a writer in both English and Hindi. Her stories, poems and articles

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