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Shift To Ayurveda During The Pandemic

Ayurveda extensively promotes the usage of herbs, exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Make Your Very Own Veg Jalfrezi!

Veg Jalfrezi is a delicious dish bursting with flavour and aroma! Follow this easy step by step approach and perfect this dish!

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Don’t Just Turn On The Heaters This Winter – Have Hot And Steamy Winter Sex To Stay Warm!

It's the season of the cold and all you want to do is stay warm. But how about getting hot and heavy under the sheets? Well, here's what you can do to spice up the winters!

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trip to bali
12 Reasons For A Trip To Bali – Why Not Experience This Exotic Paradise?

While a trip to Bali is a cliché right now, it is still a lovely place to visit, as our writer found out. Read their experience of their trip to Bali!

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sex during periods
7 Great Reasons For Getting Over The Taboo Of Having Sex During Your Periods. Go On, Try It!

No one talks about the amazing sex during periods, but loads of heterosexual couples are doing and enjoying it. Don’t let the embarrassment hold you back!

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Parents Worry That Sex Ed For Kids Will Cause Risky Behaviour, But That’s Not True

Talking about sex is considered a taboo in Indian society. But it's time we stop emulating ostriches and get our head out of the sand. Let's push for sex education.

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writing erotica
The Real Reason Most Indian Women Who Write Erotica Use A Pseudonym

Women are judged in society for speaking about sex and sexuality, and labelled 'sluts'. This often results in women using a pseudonym for writing erotica. Time to have a hard look at this?

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Facebook couples
Dear Facebook Couples, Can You Keep At It In Private And Spare The Rest Of Us? TIA!

Is your Facebook timeline flooded with 'lovey-dovey' updates from couples? Are you tired of being notified about every little detail of their life? Then, this hilarious post is for you. Read on.

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5 Types Of Sex To Ignite Passion In Marriage

If you feel your relationship is in peril, fall back in love. It can be done, with these 5 types of sex!

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Sold For Rs.22000, This Bride Is Just One Of Many Trafficked For Marriage

It’s not just about marital rape or dowry. With bride trafficking across states for money, exploitation in the garb of marriage occurs in many ways.

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What Exactly Is “Perfect Shaadi Material”? These Women Are Out To Question

Marriage is a pretty important affair in India, but there are still some old traditions when it comes to being the 'Perfect Shaadi material'.

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floral teas
Try A Refreshing Cup Of Floral Tea Today

Floral teas can be refreshing, super heathy and a fun addition to your daily routine. Why not start on your favourite fragrance right away?

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