5 Types Of Sex To Ignite Passion In Marriage

If you feel your relationship is in peril, fall back in love. It can be done, with these 5 types of sex!

If you feel your relationship is in peril, fall back in love. It can be done, with these 5 types of sex!

There are couples who face this post-honeymoon shock and yes, life after marriage might not be as romantic as it was during courtship period. The real work of developing marriage begins in the early years of marriage life itself and if your marriage is lacking passion, below are few plugs to try out.


You can have a quickie anytime you are horny and when you really don’t have time for a passionate evening. It can be like during shower if you can take shower together or caressing to climax in the car or using sex toys or vibrators to have an orgasm without a lot of foreplay involved late at night. See, you can discover more quickies so, why not try it out soon.

Sneaky Sex

This sex adds extra excitement, works for me (:P). You can just lock your doors while your children or parents are watching TV or indulged in some work. Imagine the fun you will have! You will be reminded of your college days (:P). Girls, you can also give a surprise to your partner by visiting him at his workplace wearing sexy lingerie inside your dress and have a quickie in a locked office. Isn’t this interesting?

Romantic Sex

A candlelight dinner, soft talks, elegance and perhaps a beautiful hotel room and a romantic dinner, sounds really dreamy right? And, yes, you can even set up the same at your place and surprise your partner! This can be done anytime you feel your relationship need a lift or on any special occasion.

Outdoor Sex

There are lots of outdoor areas where you can make love to your partner. The woods near your home, the hood of the car, the parking lot, the kitchen area, the backyard where you can make arrangements for tents as well and enjoy a completely new way of making out. These would surely spice up the things in your sex life. But just watch out, don’t get caught, that could quite kill a mood: P

Fantasy Sex

You can share your fantasies with your partner and just do not feel awkward about sharing your fantasies, after all, it’s about you and your partner and he/she should know it. You can act like doctor and patient, teacher and student, stripper and customer or anything else you can imagine. I am sure you both would end up with a great sigh!

Love and sex are like the roots that feed the tree. If you want that vibrant energy going and the sap growing, you need to provide something new and exciting. When you are enthusiastic, you are seductive and it’s the most attractive we can be!

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