What Exactly Is “Perfect Shaadi Material”? These Women Are Out To Question

Marriage is a pretty important affair in India, but there are still some old traditions when it comes to being the 'Perfect Shaadi material'.

Marriage is a pretty important affair in India, but there are still some old traditions when it comes to being the ‘Perfect Shaadi material’.

Indian women, especially those of marriageable age (whatever it means) are often bombarded with voluntary advice on how to be perfect marriage material.

From annoying matchmaking aunties to well-meaning uncles, they keep dishing out advice on how women need to prepare for the ‘sasural’. Cooking, talking politely, dressing modestly and doing what not will get them deemed them as ‘Sanskaari’. Many people in our society still believe that the ultimate aim of a girl is to get married.

Questioning these ‘sanskaars’, a Twitter hashtag has created news recently, and yes, it’s the need of the hour. From celebrities like Richa Chaddha to ordinary folks, everyone’s tweeting about #NotShaadiMaterial.

Let’s check out some of the interesting tweets here:

Richa Chaddha, Actor

Kausani B, Journalist @literarystew

Ankita @lady_gabbar

Nilu Yuleena Thapa, Travel Blogger, @NiluYuveenaBHLM


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Ash, Engineer @ashwinikn

Aanchal Goel, Lifestyle Blogger @aanchalgoel01

Our minds get hard-coded into believing that if you want a good marriage then you have to be a certain way. Be what people call as ‘Shaadi Material’.

Even guys face all kinds of weird questions if they are not married by the time society thinks it is appropriate. While men also suffer, women are more affected by this ‘Shaadi Syndrome’. If you are a woman, chances are you may have already heard about your marriage plans a zillion times.

Despite women showing prowess in various fields, most people judge them on some pre-defined shaadi parameters.

I feel the best partner is the one who brings out the best in you. When you are with him/her you begin to see untapped potential within yourself. Be it any relationship, there are always a few ups and downs; however, where admiration and respect are found, love will sustain for sure! It’s definitely not when someone fulfils the parameter of ‘Shaadi Material’.

The stereotypes that society has built up have been broken down by women in a very smart way. Women have excelled in every field and women today have become multifaceted achievers. They go to work and at the same time run their homes and manage everything to the best. She is a person with her own thoughts, emotions and ambitions.

A woman does not have to become a stereotype to become desirable. Don’t try to make her a ‘Shaadi Material’. Don’t ever point out any girl and say “Yes, she is the one who can be shaadi material and fit into marriage”. I do not understand what exactly people mean by ‘Shaadi Material’. Let her be herself! Leave her the way she is. She is absolutely perfect!

Don’t you think that the happiness that you feel with the person should be one of the parameters in deciding whom to marry? Is a well-cooked roti more important than how supportive, loving and caring she is? Is the way she dresses and the way she serves tea more critical than the who she is and what you admire her for?

Top image is from the movie 2 states, while all other images belong to the respective women featured here, and have been used via Twitter.

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