Try A Refreshing Cup Of Floral Tea Today

Floral teas can be refreshing, super heathy and a fun addition to your daily routine. Why not start on your favourite fragrance right away?

Floral teas can be refreshing, super heathy and a fun addition to your daily routine. Why not start on your favourite fragrance right away?

Have you ever tried floral tea? As a kid, I used to eat rose petals and I used to love it! And even now, I am quite comfortable to try anything that comes with a floral scent! Yes, I did try floral teas and didn’t think even once before trying it as the tea had a very good fragrance.

Rich in antioxidants, floral teas have almost zero-calories and taste amazing! You can pick any flower of your choice, whether blooming flowers or dried ones, and brew the tea in no time. These teas can be prepared with different flowers, and when combined with lemon or honey, work the best. You will love it for sure!

Apart from its unique and refreshing taste, the teas have several health benefits as well.

Jasmine Tea

Prevents bad breathe and regulates blood pressure. The flower also has properties that warm both lungs and stomach and helps in alleviating stomach pain.

Rose Tea

Helps in reducing stress, depression and mood swings and also brings relief in menstrual cramps. The rose is rich in Vitamin C and is also good for detox and improves blood circulation.

Lily Tea

The tea made with lily is also known as “cardiac tonic” as it helps in heart diseases and also lowers blood pressure. It also helps in relieving stress and headache, and also cures insomnia. So before going to bed, you can have a cup of lily tea for a good sleep.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Rich in Vitamin A, the flower serves many purposes in the body. It helps in skin irritation and even chronic skin conditions. It also reduces ageing of skin, wrinkles and blemishes as it has antioxidant properties.

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Hibiscus Tea

Lowers the level of cholesterol and thus, prevents any heart diseases. It also improves digestion and regularizes both urine and bowel movement. The teas also help in weight loss and you must have seen that hibiscus is found in most of the weight loss products or remedies.

You can go for many other flowers as well, and all the flowers have many health and beauty benefits. But, just do not expect to get these benefits in a day or two, be regular with floral tea-morning, evening or night, whatever suits you. You will definitely notice a visible improvement in your beauty and health after a period of time.

So, pick up your favourite flower and start with the floral tea right away!

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