Dear Facebook Couples, Can You Keep At It In Private And Spare The Rest Of Us? TIA!

Is your Facebook timeline flooded with 'lovey-dovey' updates from couples? Are you tired of being notified about every little detail of their life? Then, this hilarious post is for you. Read on.

Is your Facebook timeline flooded with ‘lovey-dovey’ updates from couples? Are you tired of being notified about every little detail of their life? Then, this hilarious post is for you. Read on.

Dear Facebook Couples,

We all know how much in looooove you are with your significant other. But, please look around the blockage that you have done to our news feeds with all your romantic pictures, messages and check-ins, that too every morning, every day and every night. It’s really #Annoying!

Argh….another post on how much they love each other….Have you ever felt this way while scrolling through your social media feed?  I am sure even you might have to deal with such posts each time you scroll through your News Feed.

Let’s check out a few annoying things that couples do on Facebook.

Excessive outpouring of love!

 You might have seen your friends updating their details as soon as they get into a relationship and a notification pops out, “She is in a relationship” following a long list of comments and likes. Then begins the flow of pictures, cheesy lines, conversations that they could have over phone or texts but NO! They want to show the world how much they love each other.

We understand how much your partner means to you but it does not mean that everything that you do with them or for them has to be posted on social media. Remember, too much of anything is bad in any case.

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Posting ‘Good Night’ or ‘Good Morning’ messages on each other’s timelines!

The couples who post good morning or goodnight messages might be really unobservant of other forms of communication. These kinds of couples are seriously annoying.

Yes, I know a long distance relationship is difficult, but, you know we have Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber where you can just leave a private message with all your kuuchi-ku texts.

Seriously, ‘Monthversary’? That is anniversary celebration every month?


I don’t know about others, but for me, it’s really annoying when I see people celebrating their anniversary every month, and it’s super annoying when they brag about their partner and how a month or three months have passed.

I mean why would other social media users want to know about their personal life? I don’t think anyone would be interested in knowing that. It gets very irritating when people insist on telling the world when another month has elapsed and they still have not driven away their significant other.

Frequently broadcasting about their Personal Affairs!

This can actually be more harmful to you, more than you will ever know.

I know a few people who want to feel like a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean that you share each and every thing on social media. This will surely not make you a celebrity. Trust me, there are people who might take advantage of your personal affairs and you might get into some serious trouble.

Posting lovey-dovey/cheesy messages!

There is nothing wrong with your affection and love towards your partner, but doing it every now and then is just not healthy. You can rather spend some quality time together instead of focusing on your social media updates.

So, guys, even you might have encountered many such instances. Please let me know more of such couples and of course no offence to these ‘Facebook couples’.

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