Rajashree Bhagwat

A mother, a wife and a woman defines me. I became a homemaker by choice and turned into a writer by chance. Now, looking forward to try my hand at new styles of writing and hence my presence here. Age is just a number and it's never too late, right?!

Voice of Rajashree Bhagwat


The intensity of sensitiveness added flavours to my so-called imperfections of life, guiding me son my desired paths, inspiring me with miracles.

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Prized Possessions

It hurts to lose things that are so dear to you. But I choose to consider this as something liberating, yet another opportunity for a new start of something.

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Why Middle Age Women Feel They Are At Crossroads?

Experiences and ageing mellow one and with ageing comes to the emotional stability. Nonetheless, it is risky too and just cannot be taken lightly.

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The Perfect Backdrop For Her Dream

Her lips curved into a smile when it dawned on her that she had indeed fallen for him. And he is the one she wanted to be with.

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Elusive Life

LIfe is so elusive.. just when you think you have deciphered it, you realize there is so much more to it.

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A Perfect Mask Of ‘All Is Well’ – The Story Of My Interrupted Life

In a poignant essay, the writer shares her experience of not being able to prioritise her own career and life goals. This will resonate with so many women.

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Think If You Must That My Life Is Mundane…No Big Deal…I Love It!

If it is the small chatter that keep the working class happy, it is the planning for this condo mate of mine that keeps her occupied.

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I Understand My Mom’s Silences Now, But I Need To Do It Differently

My mom withdrew into herself on 'those days of the month', but I need to be a different kind of mom, so that my kids understand why, and not feel ignored and confused.

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