Rachna Parmar

Rachna Parmar is a Certified Nutritionist, cookbook writer, Editor and Health Coach. She is an enthusiastic cook, wife, fitness freak, Yoga enthusiast, and mother to two naughty sons and a Labrador. She counts reading, writing, cooking, fitness, Yoga and social causes among her passions. She is a staunch feminist; is passionately committed to her work, family and friends and is a softie at heart.

Voice of Rachna Parmar

6 Things No One Warns you about Perimenopause!

As soon as I turned 40, there was a change in my body and mind. My perimenopause started with mood swings, hot flushes and pain!

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How to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

To be fair is to be beautiful - a concept we are all made to be familiar with. Why can't we let dark skinned people love their own skin and feel beautiful too?

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Why Do Women Obsess So Much About Body Weight When Fitness Should Be More Critical?

I did not realise that being able to walk and do other things without pain was a much bigger deal than fat or thin shaming issues, until I had a knee injury. 

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A Woman Hasn’t The Luxury To Switch Off Responsibilities And Relax – But This Is How I Can

You get together with friends or family. The men all sit down with their drinks, and the women go to help the hostess. Sounds familiar? But why should this be the norm?

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My Father, My Hero, Who Did Not Give Up On Me!

Father's Day is just around the corner. A daughter writes a heartfelt tribute to her father who means the world to her.

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5 Reasons Why Women Need To Put Themselves First

The 'good Indian woman' is supposed to be one who is selfless and does everything for everyone else but herself. Time to shake off that badge!

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Fire Safety: We Never Think Our Kids Are At Risk, But This Is Important

A fire can break out anywhere. Here's what you can do about fire safety for your children - in your houses, neighbourhoods, malls and schools.

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Really? Do These ‘Tips’ For Romantic Bliss Even Make Any Practical Sense?

So you have now found your true love. Are there any relationship tips you can give? 6 such 'tips' for romantic bliss busted here.

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5 Important Life Lessons I Want My Sons To Imbibe For A Happy And Fulfilled Life

Life can be hard, but also very beautiful. Here is an open letter written by the writer to her sons, speaking of the 5 important life lessons that she wants them to imbibe for a happy and fulfilling life.

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Letting Go And Adapting: Life Comes In Full Circle

Letting go and adapting to the new is something we all do, no matter how difficult it seems in the beginning. Rachna Parmar, writes a personal piece on it.

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No More A Martyr: Why The Indian Homemaker Needs To Take Control Of Her Life

From focusing more on her well-being to embracing her own priorities, here's why the Indian homemaker needs to take control.

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Women And Family Support

The author was asked why women always thanked their families when they are complimented or achieve successes. Her answer on women and family support will surprise you.

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