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Dear Delhi Pub Management, Your Colonial Hangover Is Obvious When You Bar Customers In A Saree

A woman being denied entry into an upmarket Delhi pub because she was in a saree is a symptom of our colonial hangover, up there along with our obsession with fair skin. 

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Imtiaz Ali's women
Will The Female Lead Of Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal 2 Be Less Of A Mess Than Geet, Veronica, Aditi, Veera, Etc?

Imtiaz Ali explores relationships in his films, but his women characters are a total mess, IMO. Can we hope for a better arc for the woman in the upcoming Love Aaj Kal 2?

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Nothing Prepares You For The Brutal Yet Nuanced Honesty Of New Short Film ‘Suno’

A nuanced story of hidden domestic violence, Suno explores the concept of content in a marriage.

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2003 Movie Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Naa Jaaye Is Chawl Feminism With A Crazy Twist!

A 2003 multistarrer that is a mad feminist indulgence in some crazy nostalgia, go watch Pran Jaaye Par Chawl... err... Shaan Na Jaaye!

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Namrata Shirodkar no makeup selfie
Ex-Miss India Namrata Shirodkar Shuts Up Man Trolling Her No Make-Up Selfie On Insta

Ex-Miss India and actor Namrata Shirodkar shared a family selfie on the eve of her husband Mahesh Babu's new release Maharishi, and a man asked her if she was depressed as there was no make-up.

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Four More Shots Please: Not As Pathbreaking As Its Makers Imagine, But Truly Gets ‘Choice’

Four More Shots Please may not be breaking any myths or stereotypes, and is even a little cliched at times, but it understands one thing clearly: That women are individuals with complete autonomy. 

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Pushpavalli Gives Us A Fantastically Flawed Heroine Who You May Hate But Cannot Ignore

Headlined by the talented Sumukhi Suresh, Pushpavalli gives us such interestingly flawed women that we don't quite miss the men!

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Aunty Mat Kaho Naa! Shilpa Shetty Comes To The Rescue Of ‘Aunties’ Everywhere

Have you ever been addressed as 'Aunty' by folks not much younger than you? You will relate to this.

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light skinned model
Look Around! Why Are Hoardings Obsessed With Light Skinned Models?

Indian society's obsession with fair skin shows up also as an obsession with light skinned models who are nothing like the people who are targeted.

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Abuse & Choice: Leela In Kaatru Veliyidai Joins A Long List Of Illustrious Mani Ratnam Heroines

Kaatru Veliyidai, Mani Ratnam's latest movie offering, explores an abusive relationship with a problematic hero, and yet, one where the woman emerges a winner.

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The Teetotaler’s Take

Prashila Naik writes in defense of a teetotaler and wonders why people pick on you just because you don't like alcohol.

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Why I Might Have Been A Hypocrite About Beauty

We know we ought not to value Beauty above other things. Yet, is it easy to overlook people's looks and value them for themselves?

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How To Stop Daydreaming And Get Your Work Done On Time

Do you find yourself getting distracted by thoughts of what-might-have-been or unfulfilled wish lists? Here's how to stop daydreaming.

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Why I Don’t Look Foreign-returned

We all have set ideas about how people should look and behave. Here's a note about why this author does not look foreign-returned and how it empowers her.

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