Ex-Miss India Namrata Shirodkar Shuts Up Man Trolling Her No Make-Up Selfie On Insta

Ex-Miss India and actor Namrata Shirodkar shared a family selfie on the eve of her husband Mahesh Babu's new release Maharishi, and a man asked her if she was depressed as there was no make-up.

Ex-Miss India and actor Namrata Shirodkar shared a family selfie on the eve of her husband Mahesh Babu’s new release Maharishi, and a man asked her if she was depressed as there was no make-up.

I don’t know why but, reading a news article with Namrata Shirodkar’s response to one of her Instagram followers asking her why she “does not put on make-up and if she was depressed”, made me feel a sense of happiness that is very rarely achieved these days.

You can see her post on Instagram here.

Namrata replied to him saying: “You might love women with make-up. Maybe you should follow someone who is always made up and suits your criteria! You are not going to find it on this page!! So maybe you should get off it… sincere request.”

The troll has since deleted his comment.

Why this expectation?

Was it because here was a woman in her 40s, and an ex-Miss India nonetheless, with one of the best bodies in business back in the day, sharing on her Instagram page, an absolutely make-up less picture of herself, with her seemingly ageless and hugely popular filmstar husband?

Or was it because she replied to the comment with a kind of grace that too is becoming rare these days?

In an age of filters and flawlessness and the constant demand of nothing less than perfection, especially on the female face, a woman backing up her no make-up face assertively is a great reminder of individuality, and why there are those of us who are not afraid to hide our dark circles and our ‘dull’ skin.

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I think this news resonated to me on a more personal level too, because as a woman in her 30s, I have to admit I still do not very well know, what constitutes the various make-up components. Why is a blusher for example required? Do I need to contour my face? Should I apply a lip-liner or should I just directly apply lipstick? And then isn’t an eye-lash curler scary? How does it not end up plucking the damn eyelash?

And for as long as I can remember, I have been questioned and put on the spot on why I don’t do anything about this! My answer to this of course is simple. I have never felt the need, never felt that this load of fancy products would do or add anything more to my personality or well-being, or whatever else that I hold as important or necessary.

The male gaze and the pressure to always ‘look good’

The pressure to look good has never been higher. Just go by the sheer amount of followers for the influencers and make-up experts on Youtube. The make-up industry is burgeoning and the sheer amount of ‘Make-up’ apps blow my mind away. I have to admit such was their allure, I even tried one myself, much to my own amusement.

As if the pressure to prove themselves wasn’t enough, women these days have the added onus of keeping themselves extra presentable. I know many women love doing this on their own because they want this too. But for every such woman or girl out there, there are others who would much rather live without all of this.

But the pace at which this is fast becoming a norm, and less of a voluntary interest, leaves me amazed. I would not be surprised if in a decade or two, people like me would be termed a ‘fossil’ for not having ‘moved’ with the times.

And most often than not, just like Ms Shirodkar’s ‘critic’, the constant pressure of proving that a naturally dull face does not mean one is depressed, or sad, or sick, or anything else. One could just be having one of those days. And it is perfectly alright to not have bright, glowing skin, everyday, or any day. One doesn’t have to do anything with the other. Depression is a serious business. Make-up is definitely not one of the things, that goes (or comes) with it.

Namrata Shirodkar’s old school charm and resolve, struck a chord somewhere. It was nice to see that Instagram was used for just sharing pictures of a warm get-together, and less as a means to showcase a perfectly made-up face. More power to this tribe.

Image source: YouTube

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