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Pragya Prasanna

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To Be Completely Safe And Free From Society’s Bounds, We Need To Break The Chains And Evolve!

Women, often, have no choice but to surrender, follow norms of society, and believe in the universe to guide her forward no matter what the journey entails.

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Haryana IAS Officer Resignation Reveals How Our Houses Are Still Burning Under Patriarchy

The resignation of IAS Office Rani Nagar due to workplace harassment is another reason we need to act on the fire of patriarchy burning in our houses.

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Asking Me To Change My Name After Marriage Is Similar To Questioning My Existence!

Women changing their names after marriage is a common practice. But, I believe asking someone to change their name is like questioning their existence!

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She Was Not Alone, But Left With The Emptiness Of Being Lonely

Everyday, while sucking the nectar out, the bee took away a small piece of life from her yet the flower wished to remain in his toxic company.

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A Train Trip That Moulded Her Into What She Deserved To Be

Getting into wrong relationships is very much like boarding a wrong train where you keep on expecting your dream destination but reality lead you on a path which may never reaches your actual destination. The sooner you realize the easier it becomes to correct the mistake. After all, life is all about making mistakes and […]

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She Longed For Freedom, But The Real Meaning Of Freedom Was Surprising…

A girl hailing from a conservative community dreamt big of having absolute freedom for making her own decisions in life. She wanted to be independent. This is the story of how she managed to achieve her dreams. 

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