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A Train Trip That Moulded Her Into What She Deserved To Be

Getting into wrong relationships is very much like boarding a wrong train where you keep on expecting your dream destination but reality lead you on a path which may never reaches your actual destination. The sooner you realize the easier it becomes to correct the mistake. After all, life is all about making mistakes and learning from them.

It was dark chilly night. She was lying on a frozen moist bed of dark grasses besides railway track. She was pushed out of the train by someone close and fairly known to her. She was physically injured and emotionally hurt. It was dark everywhere. She was scared to her very core. Hands were trembling, voice was quivering, and eyes were too dry to weep. the veins were numb, face was expressionless and mind was totally blank. The only thought crossing her mind again and again was that she was pushed out of the train before she realized it to be the wrong train.

Although, it was a pleasant journey, there were signs that she couldn’t read. Had her mind been open enough to hear her instincts she would have identified much earlier that she would be conned someday. She somewhere knew that the companion she is having fun time with isn’t worth her time. She should have been careful. We often ignore our instincts because it isn’t what we want it to be. She too did the same mistake. time has passed and here she was with no one around! Nevertheless, this lesson had to be learn this way.

She regained her composure and chose to move ahead. She had to decide what next which she did, “Life goes on and so do I”. She got up, hopeful but blind due to darkness everywhere; outside as well as inside. She waited for the next train. Many trains passed but none stopped. Finally, a ray of hope appeared on the horizon of hopelessness. A train stopped. She dragged herself in agony and without a second thought, she boarded the train. Despite the pain she was comforted by the thought that the struggle is over. She will reach home now and will give life a fresh start. But Bam! Life has got some new lessons. She boarded the wrong train again. Fortunately, she realized it soon this time. She was disheartened. Her hopes started sinking. She went to the railway authorities. They assured her to help her get off at the next station from where she will get the right train but asked for the precious watch she was wearing in return as she had neither tickets nor money for that matter. Left with no choices, she handed over her watch. It was just an expensive watch for them but for her it was priceless. It contained memories, feelings, love and many more. She was sad, broken, disappointed and alone.

Next station came. She got off the train almost on the verge of unconsciousness with visions impaired but stronger vibes. It\’s strange that now she can see less but observe more. Probably, because of the fake appearances and gestures could influence her no more. The miseries and misfortunes all this while have strengthened her intuitions. She took her own responsibility and decided not to depend on anyone. She again waited for the right train. Few hours later a train arrived. She observed that murmurs of passengers getting off the train were so familiar. It reminded her of her home. She later found that the train is heading towards her place. She confirmed it with the fellow passengers and boarded hoping for the best.

On a cool winter morning she reached the destination she was hoping for. A place where she truly belong! Wind was cold yet magical as if it were singing songs of victory in order to praise and celebrate her triumph. The inner joy diminished her agonies. Inspite of huge losses and deceit, she wanted to cherish the moment. She survived the worst. She was happy proud and \”alive\”.

In life no matter what happens, good or bad, all we need is the right train that could lead us to our destination. We have been thrown out many a times. We have been misguided and entered into a situation too pathetic to overcome; But! There is always a way out. All we need is to wait plan and act accordingly.

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