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writing tips for beginners
6 Magic Writing Tips For Beginners To Create A New World Of Words

Feel you have a story in you? Love to write? Serious about your craft, but no idea how to go about it? Here are some great  writing tips for beginners.

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I Understood The Real Power I Have Over My Life & Choices, When I Shaved My Head

She had wanted to shave her head for a long time, but hadn't because she was a girl, and 'what will people say'. But then, one day, she just did it. This is the author's story of taking her power in her hands.

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It’s Radiant To Be A Girl, That Girl Who Was Put Down And Still Thrived

You are not just your body, no matter what the world of men tells you, says Noor in this powerful poem, that urges girls to go out there and get hold of their own destinies.

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Arts In Education Can Do So Much For Our Children; A Teacher Tells Her Story

Far from the routine of reading books and exam prep, using the arts such as drawing or storytelling as part of the education system, can make a big difference to children's lives.

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Our Mothers Did Not Owe Sex To Our Fathers

As we daughters grow up to be women, we understand the marital problems that were between our parents. We need to stand by our mothers who surely have suffered as wives.

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Netflix’s Lust Stories: Uncovering Women’s Sexual Desires

The latest offering by Netflix, 'Lust Stories' is a bold and unconventional take on women, sex and morality. It is a must watch.

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I No Longer Remove My Body Hair, And I Am STILL Beautiful, For Myself!

Shaving body hair is something that we learn is a 'natural' thing to do, while growing up into a woman. But at one point I realised that it was just some bullshit for the male gaze.

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my breasts
That Experience Made My Growing Breasts A Source Of Shame & Guilt; I Hated Them For It!

He had squeezed my breast hard and quickly moved away, leaving me red-faced with pain, and a shame that would seep into my soul so deep that it coloured everything about me.

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benefit of doubt
Why I Will Never Again Give The Benefit Of Doubt To A Possible Molester!

I have decided to no longer give a man any benefit of doubt if I suspect any kind molestation, but listen to and trust my instincts on this.  

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A Letter To The Man Who Tried To Break Me To My Core. But Failed

Living an abuse free life now, one woman looks back and says good riddance to the abusive man who tried to break her - all in the name of love.

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A New Rape Case. A New Headline. But The Same Old Debate Continues.

A new rape case. A new news headline. The same story. The same pain. The same debate! Will it ever end? Will it ever change?

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daughter's parents
Wearing Sindoor & Mangalsutra May Be Presented As A Choice, But We Need To Look Deeper

Wearing Sindoor is so common in our country that it seems to be more important than a marriage certificate. Is it really an unforced choice? 

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my mother
5 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Be Like My Mother, Even Though I Love Her!

Daughters usually grow up to be like their mothers, following in their footsteps. But I do not want to be like my mother.

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not depressed anymore
And I Am Not Depressed Anymore! [#ShortStory]

I always saw him as someone who would complete me, always thought of him as my need, and felt my existence questionable in his absence.

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