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This New Year Pledge To Support Women Empowerment: Here Are 5 NGOs You Can Volunteer For Or Donate

This new year, we list 5 NGOs you can volunteer or donate that works for women empowerment. Do something really wonderful this year!

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Rashmi Speaks To Her Son About Sexual Harassment In Public Spaces: #ShareYourStory [Video]

A mother talks to her son, about sexual harassment in public spaces that women go through everyday. Even when women speak up against it, few passers-by respond to help her out.

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Sangeeta Speaks To Her Son About Sexual Harassment: #ShareYourStory [Video]

A mother talks to her son about her own experiences of sexual harassment on streets. She asks her son to see women and girls as his equal and respect their bodily autonomy.

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Designer Store Asks Woman To Go To Gym When She Went To Buy A Dress

A very famous designer store in Mumbai, fat shamed a woman who went to buy a dress in their store.

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When Young Women Stepped Out: My Experience As A Volunteer At #ChennaiRains

We talk to 22-years-old Nanditha Hariharan, who recounts her experience as a volunteer in the #ChennaiRains and how everyone rushed to help each other.

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Women And God: An Idol In Maharashtra Purified, After A Woman Makes An Offering

There are many religious places in India, where women are barred from going because they are considered impure, for one reason- Women menstruate.

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An Open Letter To My Future Son: Consent Is Everything

Have you ever spoken to your son about Consent? The best time to teach boys to be respectful of others is when they are young, says this post.

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Supreme Court Rules: Woman Has Full Right Over Property Given As Maintenance

In a path-breaking judgement by the Supreme Court of India, it ruled that a woman’s right over property under the Hindu law is absolute.

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Birubala Rabha: The Woman From Assam, Who Is Fighting Against Witch Hunting

In Assam, where witch-hunting is still practiced, Birubala Rabha is a crusader, trying to fight against it. Here's her story.

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Women Beyond Boundaries: Three Women Who Drove From Delhi To London

Women Beyond Boundaries is a team of 3 women who drove from Delhi to London, approximately 12,000km crossing 13 countries. Here's their story.

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What Is PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome) And Its causes? A Conversation With Dr. Divya Sudarshan

Here Dr. Divya Sudarshan discusses in detail the causes and cure of PCOS ( poly cystic ovaries syndrome). A must read for every woman.

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The Sex Workers Of Sonagachi, Kolkata : The Power Of The Collective

The sex workers of Sonagachi, Kolkata are changing their lives through collective efforts. Here's how.

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What Is Sexual Harassment Law At The Workplace And How Does It Work?

Do you know how sexual harassment law at the workplace works? Here is a detailed account. Know your rights.

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Child Born of Rape Can Now Inherit The Biological Father’s Property: Allahabad HC

Allahabad high court passed a landmark judgement that children of rape victims can have access to ancestral property of the rapist or biological father.

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Living With Disability : The Story Of Poet Rajeswari

Though living with disability Rajeswari's essence is her words that come to life through her poems. A published poet of 50 poems, this is her story of hope and courage!

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