Rashmi Speaks To Her Son About Sexual Harassment In Public Spaces: #ShareYourStory [Video]

Posted: December 30, 2015

A mother talks to her son, about sexual harassment in public spaces that women go through everyday. Even when women speak up against it, few passers-by respond to help her out.

#ShareYourStory is an initiative by Breakthrough to bring the conversation around sexual harassment into families; to get women talking about the harassment they have experienced with their family members, especially sons (or other boys and young men.)

Street harassment is an everyday reality for women. In buses, on the streets it is a common occurrence. Even when women speak up against it, few passers-by respond to help her out.

In this conversation, Rashmi Rao speaks about an incident of street harassment while travelling on a local bus. The incident both scarred her and taught her a valuable lesson on speaking up. With her mother’s assistance, they were able to call out the act of harassment immediately. But what she noticed was the apathy of the people around. No one else was reacting or helping them.

Through her experience, Rashmi gives us a message of standing up with women when they speak up against violence and harassment, especially when they are calling out a harasser. This narrative reminds us that we are all in this together and we need to stand together in order to bring sexual harassment to an end.

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