Natasha Borah Khan

I truly believe in the power of words. Putting down my thoughts and feelings in black and white unclutters my mind as well de-stresses me. I also write because I believe it can make a difference. I am a born bibliophile. I endeavor to nurture my amateur but congenital green thumb. I believe in the magic called love. I am often labelled 'a feminist' as I believe and preach that men and women are equals. I hail from the beautiful northeast India and currently reside in Delhi. Professionally, I am in the human resources field.

Voice of Natasha Borah Khan

Entries From The Diary Of A Mother Who Lost Her Baby At 8 Weeks’ Pregnancy

A young woman writes down her feelings since she comes to know she is pregnant - the hopes and dreams that are lost when she loses the baby at 8 weeks' pregnancy.

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Is It Easier For Married Women To Take Career Risks?

Society rarely expects married women to make anything of their careers; is that an opportunity to take more risks and do the things we love? So argues Natasha.

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Do Married Women Need To ‘Look Married’?

The author wonders why do women need to 'look married' at all and why they need the 'sindoor', 'mangalsutra' as a validation for being married.

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An Unsent Letter To My Husband’s Younger Sister

A married woman writes a touching letter to her younger sister in law, who was close to her when she came in as a new bride, but has drifted away, now taking her for granted.

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A Girl Can’t Have It All [Short Story]

The pampered daughter can have whatever she wants. So long as those are things that don't impact the 'family honour'. After all, a girl can't ask for too much!

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These 8 Relationship Tips Help You Keep Aflame A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Love may 'just happen', but it doesn't always stay that way. These beautiful relationship tips come from a place of genuine caring - and wisdom.

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Is The Sole Purpose Of Getting Married To Become A Licensed Baby-producing Machine?

Why is it that everyone supposes that now that I am married, I must pop out a baby? My family planning should be my private affair!

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The Daughter-In-Law’s Big Win For A Small Loss [#ShortStory]

It took this daughter-in-law a decade to find her place in the sun, and some peace. A short story that will leave you with a bittersweet feeling. She is walking briskly across the road. Damn, she is running late for office again. She stays just ten walking minutes away from the office, and still manages […]

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An Equal World

We always talk and dream about an equal world for men and women. Maybe, we should start with boys and girls. An equal world is not built overnight, but over generations.

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Harassed On The Streets: It’s Not My Shame

Recent rape cases in India have made headlines, but what is the change on the ground?

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A New Day [Short Story]

What does a woman do when life throws her an unpleasant surprise? Read this short story to find out!

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Can Women Claim Their Share Of Food?

In the traditional Indian family, women's share of food tends to be overlooked. Is this changing fast enough?

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