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The Cage Of The Role Model Who Never Errs…

At the slightest slip, she’s judged and condemned, her behaviour is measured with an insatiable gauge, ‘Done poorly here, terrible there...’

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‘It’s Never The Same After Marriage,’ Maa Had Sighed…

In the second year of college, Aahil came into my life, giving me a sense of the addictive power of love. It's then that I lied to my dear, affectionate maa for the first time.

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I Was A Mere Mute Spectator Of My Own Life Till I Saved A Young Girl…

You need not depend on a man to give you the love and respect you deserve. Hug yourself and say, 'I love you.' That's the finest, beautiful, most vital love.

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And Then, I Decided, I Would Frame A Life For Myself

Moreover, he was suspicious of me. He used the word ‘characterless’ often, just because according to most people I was ‘good looking’ and had a spontaneous, friendly nature.

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She Is Indestructible! [#Poetry]

Women may be trodden upon, beaten up, subdued. But there is collective spirit and strength in them that is indestructible!

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Fearlessly ME [#ShortStory]

"What if they really treated me like the daughter they never had? What if I had chosen to silently suffer rather than voting for dignity and freedom?" A short story.

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You Are Not Just The Colour Of Your Skin But Much More! [#ShortStory]

Tara was judged solely on her dark skin tone, with no thought to what she was as a person. Why is it always so for the girl child in India?

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Victory [#ShortStory]

"Girls were seldom encouraged to dream about creating a new world for themselves, independently ...Pratiksha had been the rare, lucky exception." A short story.

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A Tale Of Love (An Urban Love Story)

In this tale of love, Trisha discovers that there are different phases in love. The real winners are those who don't resign to adverse situations.

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The Story Of Brand New Mothers Everywhere. Come, Fall In Love With Your New Born!

From the time you hold that precious stick with two horizontal pink lines, you enter into a new world, a new journey, as you become a brand new mother.

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My Dad, My Real Life Super Hero [#Father’sDaySpecial]

My Dad is my superhero. He not only gave his daughters the freedom of choice in their lives, but also supported them in their choices.

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For The Everywoman, Radha. Here Is A Tribute To You

Every Indian woman does a lot for her family, that we might not always notice, and might not celebrate. Here is a tribute to all these women. Radha, the Everywoman.

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