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Motherhood: A Song For Life Contest

Posted: October 18, 2012

Participate in the Motherhood: A Song For Life contest, and share an interesting story about your beautiful journey of motherhood. 

When it comes to mothers and motherhood, everyone has something to share! In all the conversation about motherhood, probably the one thing that no can deny is that motherhood is for life. Haven’t we all felt touched and yet amused, at the 80 year old mother worrying about her 60 year old child?

That’s what this contest for mothers is about, and it all begins with this song.

Presenting here, the ‘Motherhood: A Song For Life’ contest in association with Mom & Me, a one-of-a-kind store for mothers and children.

If you watched the video above, you could probably relate to the range of feelings the mother goes through. For the contest, start with the video and share your own thoughts, feeling or stories about motherhood and how it has been part of the song of your life. Tell us what it has meant to you, how it has touched your life, or anything else you would like to share about this journey.

How to participate?

1. Write a post on your blog on the theme, ‘Motherhood: A Song Of Life’. Make sure you embed the video in your entry.

2. Drop in a comment here with a link to your post – just to make sure we don’t miss your entry.

(Do add in a link to this contest page, to share this interesting contest with other mums).


Contest open from 18th October to 4th November 2012 (9 pm IST).

The prizes

Thanks to Mom & Me, we have cool prizes for those of you joining in the celebration!

– The 3 best entries will win Mom & Me store vouchers worth Rs.500. What’s more these entries would also be published in the Mother’s World magazine.*

– The next 3 best entries win Mom & Me store vouchers worth Rs. 300.

More about Mom & Me

100 Stores LogoMom & Me, the chain of stores from Mahindra Retail, has been built around the unique needs of mothers to be, young mothers, infants and children up to the age of nine. Products include maternity & infant apparel; mother’s & baby wellness, nursery, food & nutrition, travel & safety and toys & games under Private Label, Exclusive International Brands and Indian brands. In a short span of time, Mom & Me successfully created a strong brand with pan India presence, operating over 100 stores across 43 cities in India by 2012.


1. Blog posts that do not include the video will not be eligible for prizes. (You can get the code to embed the video at this Youtube link).

2. There is no restriction on the number of entries, but entries that are not genuine/created on multiple blogs for claiming prizes will be rejected. Judges decision on the winners is final.

* Entries may need to be modified to fit the magazine format. Entries with pictures would be more suitable for publishing, although this is not a condition for participation.

[UPDATE: Contest Results below]

The Mom & Me and Women’s Web teams together racked our heads and managed to come up with 6 winners from among the wonderful entries – and phew, believe us, it was a difficult task! After all, each song of motherhood was so unique and beautiful in its own way, where do we begin to choose?

Choose we had to, but as one participant said, “Every mom is a winner”. For contest purposes though, here are the results!

The top 3 entries, which win Mom & Me vouchers of Rs.500 each, and are eligible for featuring in the December issue of Mother’s World magazine are:

1. Meeta Sabnis who says, “Motherhood for me is indeed a song for life. It is a responsibility that I have chosen to shoulder and I will do whatever it takes to fulfil it with confidence, poise, skills and passion.” Over to Meeta.

2. Monika Pant for her wistful reflection on her ‘Thumbelina’ growing up into a fairytale princess. Monika’s entry.

3. Hip Grandma, who gives us the beautiful thought that the lyrics of your song as a mother may change as your children grow older, but the essence remains the same. Read Hip Grandma’s post.

The next 3 prize-winning entries, which will receive Mom & Me vouchers of Rs.300 each, come from:

4. Arundhati who talks about the many, many things that her son taught her, among them, to revel in simple pleasures and be happy. Over to Arundhati.

5. Priyadarshini for her post on the ups and downs of motherhood, and on discovering the Sisterhood of mothers. Simple and beautiful is Priyadarshini’s post.

6. Madhu Arora for her most unusual piece on being an on-the-fence mother. What’s that, you say? Find out from Madhu in her utterly candid post.

Congratulations dear winners, and we’ll be in touch with your prizes! A big thank you to every single person who participated, and we hope to see you again at more such events that let us all build the conversations that matter.

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  1. What is the last date for the contest?

  2. @Simran – thank you for alerting us – we missed putting up this info! The last date is Nov 4th, and that info has been added now 🙂

  3. Thank you @Falak and @Ramya, for being the early ones to post – loved reading your entries 🙂

  4. @Monika – your entry does not lead to a blog post, but asks for a log in via gmail. Could you please give us the direct link?

  5. http://serendipity34.blogspot.in/2004/12/you-must-be.html
    all the best to all. Actually all of us are already winners.:)

  6. Nice contest. But I was wondering about people who do not have a blog (like me). Please let me know how to participate.

  7. @Hima – sorry, this one is for those with blogs! But do keep an eye our for our regular writing themes – those are open to all.

    @Carmencita – thank you! To be eligible for the contest, we need you to add the video (embed it) as part of the post – hope you can do that soon.

  8. Please find my entry here. It was so wonderful writing about my journey of motherhood, it was almost cathartic. Thank you for this opportunity.


  9. If you ask a mother to write down the journey so far, she will use “beautiful” “blessed” “adorable” “dream ” and “love ” a million times..i just did so.
    here’S my link


  10. Asking a mother to inscribe about Motherhood is like asking a fish to pen down how to swim. Although it may sound quite easy, believe me, it’s not. Here’s my attempt to swim through….


  11. While all us mothers are more than just eager to share our journey of motherhood… I feel a pang for the fathers, meant to be the bread winners, who often miss out on creating life-long memories with their children. Their first smile, the first step, the first word.., and many a such firsts that remain unshared.

    Here’s an attempt at portraying Fatherhood as an integral part of “Motherhood – The Song of Life”.


  12. Loving all the entries coming in – keep it coming, folks! Amazing to read so many different perspectives.

  13. Arunima Shekhar -

    Every mother’s journey is unique, as is every mother.
    It’s really hard to put all of it into words, but here’s an attempt

  14. I hereby share my journey so far…. I never thought, I could write so much..

  15. Thank you all for the stories. 3 days to go and we’re hoping to get some more beautiful stories from all you wonderful moms 🙂

  16. Thank you @Ashreyamom and @Ritu!

  17. Dolly Mohanti Ghosh -

    Hi I would like to share my blog on Motherhood but I can’t understand how. I have been blogging for some time, though not very recently. My blog on Motherhood may be seen at dolly2dolly.blogspot.com

    • Welcome, Dolly! The idea is very simple – 1. Write a post on your journey of motherhood (like you would write any other post) 2. Embed this video that you see in this article (if you go to the youtube link, you will see a share/embed button right below the video) 3. Once you write the post, share the link here. And don’t forget – entries close tomorrow night!

    • can we send another entry?

    • Yes Monika, multiple entries allowed, all other rules the same. Sorry we could not get back to you yesterday.

  18. Hi guys, here’s my entry. It was fun writing this. http://madhuarora.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/motherhood-a-song-for-life/ I embedded the video, but its shows up as some SHikha’s Story. Not sure is there is some bug here. I took the code to embed from this page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tq7rdGLljk&feature=BFa&list=UUPDfcPKbr5JZs9qPEkefAhw

    • Thank you, Madhu. No issues with the bug. It is basically the entire video playlist around the journey of moms, and the first one there is a user-submitted one that was part of another contest being run by Mom & Me, so no problems at all.

  19. Just wanted to share my entry again, shared it earlier in the day, not sure if it came through.

  20. Dear Madhu, sorry the earlier one would have been with our spam filters. Got it, thank you 🙂

  21. Paromita Bardoloi -

    I guess, Ia m the only non mother here. But I believe motherhood is in the heart. Here is my entry.


  22. hi when do we hear about the results please..kind of crossing my fingers here !

  23. Thank you all for your entries – we’re going through them all now.
    @Sulagna – hope to have results up in another 2-3 days 🙂

  24. congrats to all winners.. 🙂

  25. So who are the winners??

  26. Thanks Women’s Web and Mom n Me for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. Each mother is a winner in her own way as Motherhood is a no-nonsense job. So, a big hug to all the moms among us!

  27. Congratulations to all participants especially the young mothers whose description of their new born’s arrival rekindled fond memories of years gone by. I had almost forgotten my experiences as a young mother.

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