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“You Shall Not Express Excessive Appreciation” And 9 Other Commandments Of Parenthood

Parenting isn't easy, needs to be customised to every parent-child, and yet there are some guidelines (shared in a tongue-in-cheek manner) that make it easier to navigate.

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myths about working women
Let Me Bust 7 Myths About The ‘Exciting & Full Life’ Of A Working Woman!

Working women are a most misunderstood lot. Yes, we earn and have a career, but so much of it is just perception. Let me bust some myths about working women!

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Husbands Not Helping With Housework? Here’s Why!

The author enumerates various reasons as to why husbands do not help women in everyday household work as much as they should. Read on!

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I Believe In Lord Rama And I Pray To Him. But I Now Also Want To Pray To Sita…

While we all know the stories of the Ramayana, can we look at them from a fresh perspective, a feminist one, that does not go by patriarchal stereotypes?

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Anurag Kashyap Has Been Late To Stand Up – But The Reality Is, Most Companies Never Do!

Why don't most companies take action against sexual harassers? Because, MONEY! In this context, Phantom Movies being dissolved and accepting their failings is one late but positive step.

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The Purse And Its Association With A Woman’s Life

Usually all women carry and love purses. But here, the author takes us through her life's journey with all the purses she have had. 

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Papad, Achaar, Maa…The Memories Of Summer Before The Rains Arrive…

The memories of summer are also the memories of mothers making papads, achaar, and the very special friendship of women around this tradition. A beautiful look at a ritual that tugs at the heart.

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A Stranger Was Intolerant And Rude About My Crying Baby: What It Says About Us

Intolerance for anything is the buzzword now, of any private or public behaviour, of others' choices, even of an innocent baby crying in a public place.

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My Maid Archu Does Not Have My Privileges, But Sometimes I Wonder – Whose Life Is Better?

Archu is my maid and she calls me Taai (older sister). But life took us in different directions that makes me wonder now - whose life is better?

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waiting for the right man
Waiting For The Right Man… [#ShortStory]

One man had actually asked her how often she throw her “gyan” amongst the family members. Priya had dismissed it as a joke. But now she knew that the man meant it seriously.

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kitchen work
That ‘Request’ For Special Weekend Menus By Family Can Be Unfair When Even You Want To Relax, Right?

Weekends are a time for rest and fun for the family. But is it the same for the mother and the woman of the house? What about the neverending kitchen work?

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Yes, Urinary Incontinence Is Embarrassing. But Hiding It Under The Sheets Doesn’t Help

Urinary Incontinence is not unusual - many women around the world face it. Get help for it. It's not your fault.

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When My Best Friend Is A Man Other Than My Husband [#ShortStory]

"She knew from the bottom of her heart that she hadn’t done anything wrong in calling and talking to Shree as her conscience was absolutely clean."

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20 Reasons Why I Refuse To Be A Part Of This Grand T20 IPL Tamasha

It might be the start of summer vacations for the man of my house but sadly at the same time, it’s the beginning of a hot and dry summer for me. I am talking about of course the yearly national spectacle – the T20 Indian Premier League (IPL).

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loss of interest in sex after a baby
Why I Am Too Tired For Sex! [#ShortStory]

Women often experience a loss of interest in sex after a baby, especially if they are juggling too many roles at one time and get too tired. A short story.

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feminist parenting
Feminist Parenting Is Sometimes Tu-Tu-Mein-Mein Between Parents And Elders!

Parents today who believe in feminist parenting might face opposition from the traditional mindsets of older family members. How can this be resolved?

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I love My Grey Hair Of Wisdom And Don’t Want To Colour It Back

Whether you choose to cover up grey hair, or keep it as it is - do exactly what you want to do!

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10 Species Of Indian Brides You’ll Find In Bollywood Movies

Do you know that there can be specific types of Indian brides? Bollywood is a great place to find these. A look at 10 such species of Indian brides.

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reading the newspaper
Women, We Need A Morcha For Our Sunday Newspaper Time!

A humorous look at the fact that even reading the newspaper can become a distant dream in the daily grind of the wife and mother to a young child.

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How I Dealt With An Abusive Boss – And Here Is What I Learnt

The Abusive Boss thrives on his subordinates' embarrassment, fear and silence. This true life story will help you understand that you do need to speak up.

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She Will Grow Up Soon Enough, And I Wouldn’t Want To Miss A Minute Of Our Precious Time Together!

A working mother recounts her personal musings about the precious time with her child at bedtime that she gets everyday. Do read.

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Living In A Joint Family Can Be A Wonderful Experience With Some Understanding On All Sides

Living in a joint family need not be a house of horrors, if only every member showed some understanding and respect for everyone, man or woman.

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A Maid, A Muslim, A Mother…Shobhaa Aunty Crossed All These Boundaries Of Identity

For some women, life is not easy. Yet, they inspire us with their extraordinary compassion and generosity. Here is one such story.

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Being A Mom To A Teenager, Catch Yourself Trying To ‘Give Solutions’? Then This Is For You

Being a mom to a teenager is no cakewalk. You need to be there, but you need to keep off too. It is part of the dance of parenting for this age.

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