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Gunjan Kapoor

Happy Soul, believer in gift called life, avid traveler and explorer, sometimes restless but mostly sane, respect relationships and believer in goodness all around. Student of my two sons who teach me many lessons of life...

Voice of Gunjan Kapoor

Help Your Young Child Cope With The Anxiety During COVID Times

We as parents need to make a mindful attempt and have a positive approach to ensure that the anxiety and uncertainty does not affect our kids too much.

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Raising Kids With Hope And Wonder In Times Of A Pandemic And Climate Change

The author rightly says that we must, as a parent, first address our own anxiety by being positive. This attitude will help our children too.

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2020: The Year That Wasn’t…

Life is not obliged to turn the way we plan, and this year has surely proved it. For almost everyone the way we have been living our lives has changed this year.

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Emotions While Travelling

I went on a trekking trip with my colleagues, and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life!

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Moms, Kids, And The Anxiety Of Being On Stage

As parents, we often fail to see the child's point of view in the race to make the child a "star." 

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Talk To Your Sons About Periods, You Might Just Raise Compassionate Men!

Two incidents that I witnessed as a teen made me realise we need to talk to our sons about periods. It'll only make them better, more compassionate humans! 

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Reminiscing The Year And The Change I See Within

There are certain life experiences that will stay with us forever and truly shape the way we see the world as well as our place in it.

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Abhi Dilli Thodi Si Door Hai… !

Waiting and patience are both virtues which nature has compelled us to practice now. Being restless will only make us miserable and frustrated.

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Weekend Getaway From Hyderabad To Nallamalai

Looking for a weekend getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Nallamalai Jungle Camp might be perfect for you with its jungle safari, temple darshan and sightseeing.

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A Second Chance… !!!

Sometimes a second chance is what we long for in our relationships.

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My Trip To Hampi

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site, an enchanting temple town bounded by the intriguing historical ruins of Vijayanagar city in the state of Karnataka.

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“Bala” Is Beyond Just Being A Story Of A Bald Guy

While I am not revealing the full story here, would like to share few things that stayed with me after coming out of the movie theatre.

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We Never Really Leave Home…

A mom of two sons muses on what it means to leave home after marriage, and how we carry the idea of home with us wherever we go.

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Those Were the Days… !!!

I realized that when you engage yourself in something that you are passionate about, you simply lose sight of time, pain or discomfort.

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How Motherhood Changed Me…. !!!

I clearly remember the day I became a mother, that DAY my life changed forever...

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It’s Ok To Cry…!!!

Is it the social conditioning expecting men to be devoid of any emotions, just to portray themselves as strong correct?

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We’ll Never Know

We will never know the problems that different women are dealing with, so do not judge.. be with them.

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The Change I Seek Within

Quality Education is extremely important for an individual to realise their full potential and be the person they want to be.

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My Takeaways From The Movie “The Angry Birds Movie 2”

The movie teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, insecurities a person has to deal with, how difficult it becomes for individuals to let go and last but not the least about forgiveness.

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Stop Complaining To Start Living… !!!

Being happy gives us a sense of joy, well-being, contentment and gratitude. Also when we are happy our focus shifts from negative to positive things in life hence reducing our tendency to complain.

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