Gunjan Kapoor

Happy Soul, believer in gift called life, avid traveler and explorer, sometimes restless but mostly sane, respect relationships and believer in goodness all around. Student of my two sons who teach me many lessons of life...

Voice of Gunjan Kapoor

We’ll Never Know

We will never know the problems that different women are dealing with, so do not judge.. be with them.

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The Change I Seek Within

Quality Education is extremely important for an individual to realise their full potential and be the person they want to be.

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My Takeaways From The Movie “The Angry Birds Movie 2”

The movie teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, insecurities a person has to deal with, how difficult it becomes for individuals to let go and last but not the least about forgiveness.

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Stop Complaining To Start Living… !!!

Being happy gives us a sense of joy, well-being, contentment and gratitude. Also when we are happy our focus shifts from negative to positive things in life hence reducing our tendency to complain.

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