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“Bala” Is Beyond Just Being A Story Of A Bald Guy

Posted: November 27, 2019

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I am an admirer of Ayushmann Khurrana’s choice of roles and acting. So I happened to watch his latest release “Bala” today. It is a heart touching entertainer.

The movie is primarily shot in Kanpur and shows young Bala in school, wooing the girls with his charm and Bollywood mimicry. Bhumi is his classmate and ridiculed for her dark complexion.

She is a victim of different type of violence that prevails in our society, violence of insensitivity towards other’s feelings.

While she is super confident and brave enough to carve her professional path as a lawyer, Bala who is balding prematurely (25-year-old) tries hard to cope with the situation. He is losing out on his personal and professional life owing to loss of hair and tries all hacks to regrow the hair, but to no avail.

Bala works in the marketing team of a company selling Fairness Creams. The movie highlights the stereotype mindset of our society about having a fair skin as an important and must have criteria for girls to get a good marriage alliance.

Yami Gautam looks beautiful and impressive as a Tik-Tok superstar, who is full of herself. Her character reflects the current trend of small-town influences on social media and their growing popularity.

While I am not revealing the full story here, would like to share few things that stayed with me after coming out of the movie theatre:

  • While playing Krishna in the school drama the boy converts Kubja (a hunchbacked woman from Mathura) into a beautiful lady. This act of Krishna is questioned by Bhumi and Bala in the end tells he now understands the story in real sense. In fact, Krishna did not make Kubja beautiful, but made her understand and see the true meaning of real beauty in herself.
  • The movie highlights that it is with Self-Acceptance that we can win over all our insecurities. Sometimes in our quest to be accepted by others, we try to fit in, by pretending as someone we aren’t. While this may give us the social acceptance, there are bigger issues of internal unrest that a person has to deal with.
  • If we don’t love ourselves enough, we will always fail to love others. Our belief in self shouldn’t be dependent on others’ opinions and remarks driven by biased notions of our own society. We are a world in ourselves. If we chose to be easy about who we are, nobody else can look down on us.
  •  The non-typical Bollywood ending somehow made me love it more.

So please go and watch this comedy drama which will make you laugh while conveying some important messages at the end.

Image is sourced from the trailer of the movie Bala

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