Gauri Trivedi

An avid reader and a hobbyist writer, my sanity and survival depend entirely on the written word. I find inspiration in the ordinary and prefer crowds to solitude. Always on the go, technically speaking I defy the tag of a “stay-at-home” Mom.

Voice of Gauri Trivedi

Dating your spouse
Have You Been On A Date Lately?

An Indian woman wonders why we Indians don't consider it necessary to spend quality time with our respective spouses.

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Who is a winner?
It’s Complicated: Helping Children Deal With Winning & Losing

Who is a winner? How do you explain to a child that sometimes, hard work doesn't necessarily lead to winning?

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Protector Or Predator?

There is no safety for women in India - whether urban, rural, rich or poor. For women living alone, is lack of familiarity with neighbours advisable?

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The Early Learner

Is early learning beneficial for your child? Or could too much early learning actually be stressful for children?

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Crying Woman
The Language Of Tears

Tears – the sign of an overflowing heart, be it joy, relief or sadness; they could be your weakness or your weapon.

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Potential And Perception

Do other people really know your Potential as well as they think they do? Or is it "just" Perception?

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Are We Raising Egocentric Children?

The new parenting books tell us we should take care not to hurt children's self respect while disciplining. But do we take the advice too far?

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The Woman Behind You

Do women married to famous men ever feel discontented at walking in the husband's shadow? How does it impact the relationship?

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