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I am a ordinary woman studied in a all girls school. Love to cook, eat, sing, dance, write, travel,drive, sleep, dream. Busy raising my son so left my job in a leading MNC and currently working as a freelancer.

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Why Can’t Mothers Attend Rice Ceremony Or Weddings As Per Bengali Customs?

For all those women who don't want to change the age old traditions let them practice it. But don't push someone else to follow your belief.

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The Title Of Miss World Goes To Miss Accented Polished Trained Straightened…

Winners of beauty pageants become the benchmark of 'true beauty' for so many impressionable girls, but what are these really teaching our girls?

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The Forgotten Girl

An impatient woman kept on dialing inside a telephone booth and waited for someone to pick up her call. But all her calls went unanswered. After sometime silence prevails.

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Expectation Vs Reality Of An Interview

In today's world, if everyone actually said the things that they think about, we would probably be in jail, have no job or friends.

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12 Healthy Snack Options To Help You Choose Your Snacks Wisely

I am not a nutritionist, but I am in my 30's and the mother of a toddler. Here I am sharing a few effective snack options - to help you eat well, and stay healthy!

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stock preparations
2 Stock Preparations In Your Fridge That Can Change Your Cooking Game Forever

Try these quick cooking tips - here are 2 stock preparations you can keep ready, and turn out an (almost) gourmet meal in a few mins!

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I Couldn’t Call It Love Yet, But This Happened After Our Mad First Date

She had a mad first date and the two hit it off. She was no longer a giddy teenager, but a responsible, 30 year old working woman. What happened when she told her family about him?

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My First Driving Experience Was A Success Despite The Lack Of Support !

A woman goes on her first drive after becoming a licensed driver. Here's an account of the eventful drive.

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A First Date Story With A Little Laughter & A Whole Lot Of Madness!

First dates are always full of nervousness, but also, they can be electric! Read this account of a unique first date, where a woman makes a move.

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Scary Night: A Story I’ll Never Forget!

Two girls in a hostel room, a blinking tube light, in a room number 413. What do you think happened that night? Read more here!

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first queen
The First Queen. Lucky Or Cursed? [#ShortStory]

She is younger, prettier, taller, more talented than me. But one day when she will be old like me, the king may go ahead and marry some younger women, I mumbled.

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marriages made in heaven
Newsflash: Marriages Are NOT Made In Heaven!

Are marriages made in heaven? What would you call the 'proposals' and 'bride seeing' meetings so peculiar to India? Here's my funny story.

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Badly groomed
How Embracing Bad Grooming & Disgusting Habits Saved Me From My Stalker

This experience with stalking made me believe that being badly groomed could sometimes actually work as a blessing.

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