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Let’s Get This Straight – Age Of Consent And Marriageable Age Are Two Different Things!

If men and women can vote and decide the fate of a nation at the same age, why can’t they decide their sex life at the same age? Why does a woman have to be younger?

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Shakuntala devi
Shakuntala Devi Proved That Women Are Often Taken For Granted Even By Their Daughters

Anu Menon, the director, said she wanted to showcase the mother-daughter relationship which has never received as much attention as mother-son and father-daughter relationships.

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Gunjan Saxena
It’s A Movie About A Young Woman Reaching For Her Dreams; Why The Controversy Then?

It's not unknown that most systems were built for men, and that the first women to break the glass ceiling there have faced more than just inconveniences. Why the debate, then?

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Disney+Hotstar’s Mrs. America Makes One Wonder Where Did India Lose Its Feminist Movement?

Mrs. America settles it once and for all, of how normal it is for women to dissent. Feminism has never been ONE supreme way of achieving equality, has it?

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How Reading Ambedkar Made Me Understand Feminism Better

Reading Ambedkar leads one to the profound realisation that the principles given to us by Babasaheb help us fight every form of discrimination.

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First Love Or An Unrequited One, Why Do We Always Fail To Be Rational?

Thanks to the influence of movies and books, we have has several definitions of love. But what does love mean? Is it losing yourself or letting them go?

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We Will ‘Let’ You Work & 2 More Red Flags On Any ‘Woke’ Boy’s Matrimony Profile!

The woes of matrimony! Finding the right man who's woke enough is a task! But here we have three major red flags for you to run away from if you see them!

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I Love Travelling Solo, But That Does Not Mean I Want To Be Alone

A solo travelling mom unravels what it means to be alone during a journey, and how solo travel has actually helped her not be alone!

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Woman’s Body As A Battleground: Through The Lens Of Aadai, Uyare And Game Over

A wonderful analysis of 3 recent movies where a woman's body is at the centre of the politics of the movie.

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Why I Continue Being A Feminist Despite All The Hatred Feminists Face

If you are a feminist, a lot of brickbats come your way everyday from the people at large. But, a true feminist is the one who continues to speak for the cause and march on!

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Yes, You’re My Fiancé, But You Can’t “Allow” Or “Forbid” Me Things!

One thing was clear to him, Avni loathed the "allowing" word. “But what on earth makes it so offensive?” he was still thinking.

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Brahmanical Patriarchy : A Brief History

“The Burgos Pope went down in history as the most debauched predators in the name of spiritual service. One wonders whether the Brahmins of India are any better than them.”

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4 Times The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Was Savagely Feminist

Comedy is a tricky premise. You either win all guns blazing or fall flat. There is no in between. The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel delivers and does it in a fiercely feminist way.

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