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Anusha Singh

Anusha Singh is a lawyer turned corporate communications consultant and writer. She works with organizations to create engaging narratives on cross-functional initiatives and industry-specific innovations. She writes interview stories capturing experiences of business heads. She is currently empanelled as communications consultant with Vahura and senior writer with Women’s Web. Anusha’s opinion pieces on gender and life’s nuances appear at leading publications including Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and Thrive Global India. Lady Shri Ram College Alumna and LL.M. Gold Medalist, she emcees events that recognize and celebrate women at work. www.anushasingh.in

Voice of Anusha Singh

MJ Akbar Priya Ramani
9 Points We Should Make A Note Of From The MJ Akbar Priya Ramani Final Arguments In Court

Some crucial points were made by senior journalist Priya Ramani's lawyer Rebecca John last week, in the ongoing defamation suit by MJ Akbar.

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My Father Once Told Me, ‘You Can Achieve Whatever You Want In Your Life, Betu, Whatever You Want!’

It’s hard to explain the love and confidence I felt when I heard those words. For me, it was just dance performance at a Club. But he made it sound so special.

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Budget 2021 Proves Women Are Still Considered Liabilities. Here’s Why We Say It

Union Budget 2020-21 was out yesterday. Reportedly the longest budget speech, divided in three parts, here's what it means (or doesn't) for the Indian woman.

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Apurva Purohit: To Achieve What You Want, Never Look At Your Career As An ‘Option’

Business maven Apurva Purohit tells writer Anusha Singh why women need to fix the leaky pipeline in middle management before breaking the glass ceiling.

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“There Is An Absolutely Big Need For Women To Promote Themselves”: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

An interview with Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, pioneer of the biotech industry in India, on ramping up the presence of women in the workplace and enabling women to make it to the leadership track.

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Was It Really A ‘Happy’ Mother’s Day For Moms & Soon-To-Be Moms Employed At Indian Workplaces?

It was Mother’s Day yesterday, when we all celebrated mothers, mostly in their roles as caregivers and nurturers. But do we give a thought to mothers and soon-to-be mothers in Indian workplaces?

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Badhaai Ho Writer Jyoti Kapoor Wants Her Credits Reinstated At The Filmfare Award Nominations

Screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor is speaking up after being dropped from the Filmfare nomination for Badhaai Ho. It's great to see more women in the film industry refusing to stay quiet.

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The Flaw In My Smile That Wasn’t Fated To Be “Corrected”!

We look the prettiest when we smile and laugh with abandon. Allow yourself to smile from the heart, and see what a beautiful expression of life you'd be.

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Ambani Wedding
Why The ‘Big Fat’ Ambani Wedding Was A Colossal Loss of Opportunity

The Ambani wedding in December 2018 was an exercise in a vulgar display of wealth, and an opportunity that Mukesh and Nita Ambani lost to set a better example to Indians who look up to the rich and influential.

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Scaling Heights Puts Life In Perspective

The author shares her belief that seeing the world from a height helps put things in perspective and one realizes that he/she is merely a speck in the vast universe.

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Seeing The ‘Liberated’ Life Of Women In Paris Made Me Wish The Same For Us Indian Women

The one thing I noticed on my visit was the liberated life in Paris, of women who were ‘out there’, in the open, living it up, free-spirited and ‘safe’! How I wish we could have the same in India!

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377 Is No More. Did Someone Sprinkle Pixie Dust On Us?

Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality yesterday by changing Section 377. Author Anusha Sings expresses her content through this article. 

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Koi Samui
When My Trip To Koh Samui In Thailand Hit Me With A Triple Whammy!

A recent visit to Koh Samui in Thailand made me question certain things about myself, and the way I have taken these things for granted until now.

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Tulip festival
When A Visit To The Tulip Festival In Srinagar Taught Me Lessons Of High Risk High Returns!

The image at the top is of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Tulip Festival, Srinagar, 2017. But I almost missed seeing this. Here's how.

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I’m Excited About Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m Married. Surprised? Read On!

Valentine's Day for married couples doesn't seem like such a big deal. But here's why married folks actually need this day of love even more than the singles!

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My Journey From A ‘Bikini Body’ To Having A Bikini AND A Body!

There is no such thing as a bikini body, as this author realized. The term is just one used to stereotype and shame women.

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Kudos, Delhi High Court, For Your Judicious Decision In This Recent Divorce Case

In a recent divorce case, the Delhi High Court took a very nuanced view and came to the aid of a wife who was accused of cruelty by her husband. Read on! Recently, the Delhi High Court passed a significant judgment dated 22 November 2016 in a matrimonial case titled Harjit Kaur vs. Surinder Singh […]

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Sharing Melania Trump’s ‘Sexy Pictures’ Shows How We Can’t Move Beyond Sexism

Melanie Trump's pictures, especially those of her in revealing outfits started doing the rounds as soon as Donald Trump won the US elections. Why are women always the easiest targets?

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Why Reports Of Women ‘Flaunting’ A Baby Bump Set Yet Another Beauty Standard For Women

What is it with reports of women ‘flaunting’ their baby bump? Is looking hot during pregnancy going to become yet another beauty standard for women?

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How Can India Inc. Walk The Talk On Truly Including Women At Work?

Diversity and Inclusion are becoming buzzwords in industry circles. Here we unpack what needs to be done in practice.

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Wife’s Demand For Separation Not Always Valid Grounds For Divorce: A Closer Look At SC Judgement

A wife’s demand for separation from the husband’s family would not amount to forming a valid grounds for divorce in every case!

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So What Are Your Reasons For Exercising? ‘Weight Loss’ And ‘Slim Figure’, Or Physical And Mental Fitness?

The pressure on women to 'look good' means that most women's reasons for exercising are weight loss or a slim figure! If you aim for fitness instead, wouldn't the rest follow?

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The Ultimate Choice To Be A Mother Or Not, Lies With The Pregnant Woman, Says Bombay High Court

Women's rights on abortion in India upheld by the Bombay High Court. A detailed look at this important judgment

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The New Mother Who Has Just ‘Delivered’ Is Just As Deserving Of Accolades As The Newborn!

The newborn is important, yes, but the new mother who has just gone through labour is just as important. Why do we take her for granted?

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Dania, The Woman Who Serves Alcohol With Finesse, Is A Woman In An Unusual Profession!

Dania is a woman in an unusual profession, mixing and serving drinks at a resort bar in Kerala, and does so with dignity and elan!

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