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Writing makes me happy, so does expressing my views. I am opinionated, optimistic and interested in influencing a change in mindset.

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The Pressure To ‘Settle Down’ Causes Women To Settle For Much Less!

I watched 2 shows on Netflix on the same topic: Indian Marriage alliances. Marriage being a milestone for Indian women often pressurizes them to settle for less and make choices that are not right for them!

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assertive new bride
Do New Indian Brides Need A Crash Course In Assertiveness?

How to be an assertive new bride in a culture that teaches them to give in and do what others want them to? Because the early days of marriage decide how your future will be.

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Household Chores: Finally, Something Both Men And Women Do?

Kitchen and household chores have always been a woman's duty. However, with the millennial men taking charge of chores, times are definitely changing!

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Why As A Working Woman You May Have No Choice But To ‘Normalise’ The Gender Bias!

If you are a working woman, you acknowledge that workplaces aren't exactly fair all the time, but you may not be able to do anything about it.

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When I Realized That Nobody Has The Right To Ridicule Me…

Often friendly banter turns into shaming and we end up hurting another person. It is time we draw a line and think before we mock someone.

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What I Thought Was Loneliness Was Actually Solitude!

Solitude is as calm as still water, fueling confidence and self-power.

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